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Organizing Committee
Advisory Board  
Prof. Vahid Tarokh
Harvard University,  USA
Dr. Tomohiko Taniguchi
Fujitsu Laboratories Limited,  Japan
Prof. Laurie Cuthbert
University of London,  UK
Prof. Makoto Ando
Tokyo Institute of Technology,  Japan
Prof. Chin E. Lin
National Cheng Kung University,  Taiwan (China)
Prof. Yinghai Zhang
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,  China
General Chair  
Prof. Guangxi Zhu
Huazhong University of Science and Technology,  China
General Co-Chair  
Prof. Ping Zhang
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,  China
TPC Chair  
Prof. Shaodong Zhang
Wuhan University,  China
TPC Co-Chair  
Prof. Min Song
NSF & Old Dominion University,  USA
Prof. Kosai Raoof
University of Joseph Fourier,  France
Technical Program Committee  
Prof. Yi Huang
The University of Liverpool,  UK
Prof. Wing Shing Wong
Chinese University of Hong Kong,  Hong Kong (China)
Prof. Wai Ho Mow
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,  Hong Kong (China)
Prof. Fengyi Yang
China Telecom Beijing Research Institute,  China
Prof. Zhaoyang Zhang
Zhejiang University,  China
Prof. Jiandong Li
Xidian University,  China
Dr. Li Huang
IMEC,  Netherlands
Dr. Bin Li
Huawei Technologies,  China
Prof. Minglu Jin
Dalian University of Technology,  China
Prof. Qian Zhang
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,  Hong Kong (China)
Prof. Jae Moung Kim
INHA University,  Korea (South)
Prof. Chui-Chi Lee
SHU-TE University,  Taiwan (China)
Dr. Ji Chen
University of Houston,  USA
Dr. Pengcheng Jia
CAP Wireless, Inc.,  USA
Dr. Hongyang Chen
The University of Tokyo,  Japan
Dr. Chia-Chi Chu
National Tsing Hua University,  Taiwan (China)
Dr. Juan Luo
Hunan University,  China
Dr. Wei Yan
Trend Micro,  USA
Dr. Wei Chen
Tsinghua University,  China
Dr. Yong-Jin Park
Han Yang University,  Korea (South)
Dr. Zheng Ma
Southwest Jiaotong University,  China
Prof. Hong Sun
Wuhan University,  China
Prof. Geng Yang
Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications,  China
Dr. Zhijing Xu
Beijing Boer Admittance Technology Ltd.,  China
Prof. Yingzhuang Liu
Huazhong University of Science and Technology,  China
Prof. Li Yu
Huazhong University of Science and Technology,  China
Dr. Lei Shu
Osaka University,  Japan
Prof. Shenpei Wang
Computer and Information Science of Northeastern University,  USA
Dr. Zhiqiang Cui
Qualcomm Incorporated,  USA
Dr. Zhongfeng Wang
Broadcom Corp.,  USA
Dr. Yulei Wu
University of Bradford,  UK
Prof. Hang Lei
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China,  China
Dr. Huang Xianglin
Communications University of China,  China
Prof. Yongzhao Zhan
Jiangsu UniversityúČChina,  China
Prof. GuanHua Chen
The University of Hong Kong,  China
Dr. Amin Abbosh
University of Queensland,  Australia
Dr. Guanghui Wang
University of Waterloo,  Canada
Dr. Pedro Peris-Lopez
Information Security and Privacy Lab,  Spain
Dr. Predrag Tosic
University of Houston,  USA
Prof. Zongming Fei
University of Kentucky,  USA
Dr. Boping Wu
Intel ATTD,  USA
Prof. Clemens Grelck
University of Amsterdam,  Netherlands
Dr. Egon L. van den Broek
the University of Twente,  Netherlands
Dr. Zhenzhong Chen
Nanyang Technological University,  Singapore
Dr. Amrinder Arora
George Washington University,  USA
Dr. Ashraf Al Daoud
German Jordanian University,  Jordan
Dr. Changbin Yu
The Australian National University,  Australia
Dr. Claudio Enrico Palazzi
University of Padua,  Italy
Prof. Preetha Thulasiraman
Naval Postgraduate School,  USA

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