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Proceeding Information

Channel Model and Characterization
Design of Wireless Hand-Held Controller
Shilong Zhao and Xien Ye
A Study on Atmospheric Turbulence Effects in Full-Optical Free-Space Communication Systems
Xueying Wu, Peng Liu and Mitsuji Matsumoto
Link Budget of a Ka-Band HAP-Based Communication System under Different Climatic Conditions in Different Seasons
Li-ping Zhu, Sujian Zhao and Yi-Sheng Zhu
Analysis of Power Request and Multiple-Site Techniques for Indoor Wireless Visible-Light Communication System Using LED Lights
Xiaoming Jiang and Na Zhu
Analysis and Design of Jamming System for Frequency Hopped Communications Using BFSK Based on Simulink
Dantong Na, Weikang Zhao, Dabing Gao and Zhenjiang Zhao
Optimizing Base Station Site Selection and Propagation Prediction for Railway Wireless Network
Jinghui Lu, Gang Zhu and Bo Ai
Space-Time-Delay Correlation of 3-D MIMO Channel Model
Kosai Raoof and Nuttapol Prayongpun
The Opportunistic Scheduling Model of Multiple Users Wireless Networks
Yi Sui
Multiuser Scheduling with Orthogonal Space-Division Multiplexing
Yu-hui Zeng, Peng Shang, Guang-xi Zhu and Wei-ming Wu
Land-to-Ship Radio Channel Measurements over Sea at 2 GHz
Kun Yang, Terje R?ste, Fritz Bekkadal and Torbj?rn Ekman
A Research on Different Channel Modem in TWSTFT
Hong Zhang and Huanxin Li
The Multipath Delay Power Spectrum Models for Short-Range Troposcatter
Songyi Xu and Changjia Chen
First Arrival Detection for Sparse Multipath Channel
Zhijiang Shang, Qun Wan and Weihai Zhong
HLSP/UWAC: A Hardware-in-Loop Simulation Platform for Underwater Acoustic Communication
Lin Zhou, Lanjun Liu, Ming Li and Jianguo Wang
Novel Cluster Identification Algorithm for Ultra-Wide Band Channel
Liang Zhong, Guangxi Zhu, Zhengmin Kong, Yanchun Li and Li Huang
Channel Capacity of 60 GHz Wireless Communication Systems over Indoor Line-of-Sight and Non-Line-of-Sight Channels
Dong Jie, Jing-jing Wang, Hao Zhang and Guo-yu Wang
FPGA Implementation of CORDIC-Based Square Root Operation for Parameter Extraction of Digital Pre-Distortion for Power Amplifiers
Min Ye, Taijun Liu, Yan Ye, Gaoming Xu and Tiefeng Xu
Radio Propagation Measurements and Modeling in Railway Viaduct Area
Jinghui Lu, Gang Zhu and Bo Ai
Measurement and Analysis of Relay Channels in Indoor Environments
Ping Wang, Yi Zhou, Xuefeng Yin, Xiaoyan Huang and Fuqiang Liu
Measurement System for Propagation Characteristics of Intra-Body Communication
Yang Liu, Jingming Kuang, Zunwen He and Jun Fang
Multi-Path Grouping Using a Novel Clustering Algorithm for Stochastic Channel Modeling
Li Tian and Xuefeng Yin
Analysis and Decomposition of the Nonlinearities in RF Power Amplifiers
Yan Ye, Taijun Liu, Tiefeng Xu and Fadhel M. Ghannouchi
Simulation and Analysis of the Effects of Tropospheric Scattering Channel on Signal Waveforms
Ming Yang, Chengguo Liu, Rui Jin and Ertao Zhang
Coding, Detection and Modulation
Joint Synchronization for Burst Communications Based on Unique Words
Fenglin Tan, Quan Yang and Ning Wu
Performance Analysis of an Improved Differential Frequency Hopping System with Partial-Band Jamming
Bin-hong Dong, Yi-Zhao Cheng and Shao-qian Li
A LDPC and Turbo Codes Hybrid Coding Scheme Based on OFDM System
Hao Chen, XueKang Sun and Liang Dai
A New Semidefinite Programming Method for Asynchronous Multiuser Detection Problem
Xuewen Mu and Yaling Zhang
An Image Stabilization Algorithm Based on Feature Matching Applicable to Large Rotation
Xiu-qin Chu, Fei Wang, Le-zhen Ni and Yu-shan Li
An Approximation Method of the Continuous Phase Encoder in the Concatenated Coded GMSK System
Zhenhai Jing and Baoming Bai
A Method of Blind Recognition of Cyclic Code Generator
Polynomial Jiafeng Wang, Yang Yue and Jun Yao
Progressive Frequency-Offset Compensation in Turbo Receivers
Xiaofu Wu and Yue Song
A Necessary and Sufficient Condition on the Tree Graph Defined by a Set of Cycles
Yumei Hu
LPM-Turbo Decoding Structure Based on Simulink
Xiangling Li, Ke Wang and Zhao Xu
Two Dimensional Periodic Complementary Array Sets
Fanxin Zeng and Zhenyu Zhang
A Method to Improve Performance of Turbo Iterative Decoding in Low SNR Region
Chunfeng Jiang, Ke Wang and Zhao Xu
Multi-Channel Parallel Sampling Algorithm in QAM Demodulation
Huimin Zhang, Yi Chai and Xiaohong Zeng
Multiple Carrier Frequency Offsets Estimation in Cooperative OFDM Systems
Yanyan Zhang, Dongyan Jia, Limin Tang and Jianhua Zhang
BP-Maxwell Decoding Algorithm for LDPC Codes over AWGN Channels
Yi Fang, Jianwen Zhang, Lin Wang and Francis C. M. Lau
Application of Weighted Coding in Wireless Networks
Hossein Hajirasouliha
A Parallel Carrier Synchronization Algorithm for High-Speed Digital Communication Systems
Ce-lun Liu, Xiang-yuan Bu and Jian-ping An
A Receiver Structure of Joint LDPC Decoding and Synchronization for Deep Space Communications
Zengran Wan, Yafeng Zhan, Jianqiang Wu and Jianrong Bao
Parallel Decoding Structure of Turbo Code Based on Double Prediction Control
Xiangyu Xue, Ke Wang and Zhao Xu
Multi-Branch Fractional Multi-Bit Differential Detection of Continuous Phase Modulation with Decision Feedback
Jinhua Sun and Xiaojun Wu
Blind Detection of Frequency Hopping Signal Using Time-
Frequency Analysis Haiyan Luan and Hua Jiang
Reduced State Sequence Detection for Ring Convolutional Coded Continuous Phase Modulation
Haibo Wang, Suoku Li and Guodong Jin
Study on NPS Evaporation Duct Model
Ning Zhang, Nan Li, Bin Tian, Hao Cha and Mo Zhou
BER Performance Analysis for M-ary PPM over Gamma-Gamma Atmospheric Turbulence Channels
Xiang Yi, Zengji Liu, Peng Yue and Tao Shang
An Improved Quantum LDPC Codes Construction Based on Balanced Incomplete Block Designs
Sheng-Mei Zhao, Xiu-Li Zhu, Feng Gao and Yan Zhu
Pre-Distortion Linearization for QAM Modulation with Convolution Coding in DVB-RCS Link
P. Sojoodi Sardrood, G. R. Solat and V. Taba Taba Vakili
Dual-Mode Modulation Based Research of Underwater Acoustic Modem
Yi Tao, Pei-bin Zhu, Xiao-mei Xu, Yi Tao and Xiao-mei Xu
Turbo-Coded Cooperative Diversity for CDMA System
Han Kiat Neo and Soon Xin Ng
Near Optimal BP Algorithm for LDPC-Coded BICM System with EXIT Analysis
Ying Wang, Lei Xie, Huifang Chen and Kuang Wang
Performance Investigation of a STBC-OFDM System on Frequency-Selective Fading Channels
Jie Zhou, Bo Lv, Yun Li and Yoshikuni Onozato
A Carrier Recovery Algorithm for High Order QAM Signals
Wei Xue, Xiaoniu Yang, Wei Xue and Zhaoyang Zhang
Research and Improvement on Stopping Criterion of Turbo Iterative Decoding
Zhen-chuan Zhang and Ying Li
Research on OSTBC over Rayleigh Fading Channels and Its Performance Simulation
Zhen-chuan Zhang, Ying Li and Xing-zhong Li
A Novel Decoding Scheme for BICM-ID Embedded Turbo Codes
Shuyang Liu, Jianping Li and Chaoshi Cai
A Realization Method of the Optimized Efficient Spectrum Signals Using Fourier Series
Wei Xue, Weiqun Ma and Bingcai Chen
The Analysis of BER Performance of Implicit Diversity in Frequency Selective Fading
Songyi Xu and Changjia Chen
A Construction of Cartesian Authentication Codes from Vector Space over Finite Field
Ying Zhang and Dian-Wu Yue
Effect of Hop Rate on Speech Signal Quality Based on Partial-Band Noise Jamming
Xiaogang Huang
A Review of Sphere Decoding for MIMO Systems and Its Improvement
Yufei Yang
A New Random Access Method for Satellite-UMTS
Bing-jie Zhang, Han-ying Hu and Ming-kun Wang
On Interleaver Design for Interleave Division Multiple Access (IDMA)
Ahmed B. Altamimi and T. Aaron Gulliver
A Simple and Effective Testing Method for the Implementation of Turbo Decoders
Zheng Ma, Pingzhi Fan and Wai Ho Mow
Research of Parallel and Serial Concatenated Convolutional Codes Channel Coding Technology in Deep-Space Communication
Ronghua Zhou and Lijun Yuan
LDPC Encoding Based on the Primitive Polynomial
Dai Nina and Cai Li
The Comparison of CMA and LMS Equalization Algorithms in Optical Coherent Receivers
Yangyang Fan, Xue Chen, Weiqin Zhou, Xian Zhou and Hai Zhu
Capacity of Differential Pulse-Position Modulation (DPPM) over Nakagami-m Fading Channels
Xiao Wang, Hao Zhang and T. Aaron Gulliver
Design of a Digital Automatic Gain Control with Backward Difference Transformation
Anbang Liu, Jianping An and Aihua Wang
The Application Study of Coded OFDM in UWA Communication
Jin-hui Gao and Gang Qiao
Gaussian Approximation for LDPC Codes under Group Shuffled Belief Propagation Decoding
Zhenzhen Song, Runbo Yu and Piming Ma
Joint Channel Estimation and Interference Suppressions for MB-OFDM UWB Systems
S. M. Riazul Islam, Asif Iqbal and Kyung Sup Kwak
Design on Parallel Structure of DSSS Receiver Using FPGA
Jie Yang and Qian Zhu
DmF Cooperation Based on Joint Network-Channel Coding in Wireless Communication
Gu Li and Zhiping Shi
Overlapped Time Division Multiplexing System Using Turbo Product Code
Xia Zhang, Peijian Zhang and Daoben Li
Estimation-Based Blind Detection in Low SNR on Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum Signal
Dezhi Li, Xuemai Gu and Qing Guo
Study on the Applicability of PJ Model on Part Coastal Sea of China
Wei Song, Hao Cha, Mo Zhou and Bin Tian
Consideration of Soft MIMO Detection for Turbo Codes
Pingping Shang, Youngmin Kim, Sooyoung Kim and Kwonhue Choi
Concatenated LDPC and Differential Space-Time Block Codes
Yuling Zhang and Wenwei He
Approaching MAC Capacity via Power Allocation
Jingxi Zhang, Zhisong Bie and Weiling Wu
Application of PN Code Generator Based on the FPGA in CDMA Location System
Chun Zeng and Xiaohong Zeng
Design of Irregular Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Codes
Jintao Hu, Yongsheng Wang, Ding Wang and Jiadong Xu
Cubic Prime Sequences
Qingge Liu and Guangwen Yan
Efficient Encoder Structures for Non-Binary Cycle Codes
Weigang Chen
The Error Detection of the Cell Header in ATM System
Mingxin Tan, Zhixiong Liu, Wenwen Fang, Shuren He, Wenjun Song and Haizhong Liu
The Implementation of Error Correction in ATM System
Mingxin Tan, Wenwen Fang, Haizhong Liu, Wenjun Song, Zhixiong Liu and Shuren He
Optimized Soft-Decision De-Mapping for Chinese Terrestrial DTV Standard
Zhan Zhang, Yan-zhong Zhang, Xiao-lin Zhang and Lin-tang Fang
Generation of Side Information for Fast Frequency Hopping in Partial-Band Jamming
Zhiqiang Zhou, Shaoqian Li and Yufan Cheng
Digital Pulse Interval Modulation for Ultra-Wideband Transmission with Energy Detection
Benzhou Jin, Sheng Zhang, Xuan Zhang, Yongsheng Cheng and Xiaokang Lin
2 Dimension Interleaver Design for OFDM-IDMA System
Wenjun Ren, Xu He, Xinya Liu and Shaoqian Li
The Optimal Design of Chaos-Based DS-CDMA Systems in Multipath Channels Using Genetic Algorithm
Shaerbaf Saeed and Seyedin Alireza
Signal Processing
Uniform Truncation Error for Shannon Sampling Expansion
Sheng Zhang and Peixin Ye
Greedy Approximation with Regard to Some Normalized Bases
Sheng Zhang and Peixin Ye
Comparison of Nonlinear CMA-Criterion-Based Blind Equalizers
Donglin Wang and Dongming Wang
Correlated Noise Reduction Algorithm for Multichannel Leak Signal
Ronggen Yang and Mingwu Ren
Parallel Registration and Time Synchronization Algorithm for Radar System
Zemin Wu, Lei Zhang and Shujie Ren
Study on Information Fusion Algorithm in Tightly Coupled GPS/SINS Integrated Navigation System
Shuai Chen, Xiaozhong Xue, Guoping Du and Yuming Bo
Intelligent Control System for Domestic Appliances
Yunze Zeng
Avian Micro-Doppler Feature Extraction Based on Frequency-Stepped Chirp ISAR Cunqian
Feng, Feng Zhu and Song Li
A Method of Vision-Based State Estimation of an Unmanned Helicopter
Bin Yuan and Yingguang Hao
The Study on Finger Vein Image Enhancement Based on Ridgelet Transformation
Hong-bing Li, Cheng-bo Yu, Dong-mei Zhang and Zhao-min Zhou
Objection Classification Based on Estimation of Foreground Distribution
He Guo, Zhen Feng, Yuxin Wang and Qi Jia
New Algorithm for Testing Stability of 2-D Digital Filters
Junwei Shao and Xiaorong Hou
A Stop and Go Blind Equalization Algorithm for QAM Signals
Wei Xue, Xiaoniu Yang, Wei Xue and Zhaoyang Zhang
An Adaptive Multiscale Framework for Compressed Sensing of Speech Signal
Linhui Sun, Xi Shao and Zhen Yang
A New Adaptive Algorithm for Passive Multi-Sensor Maneuvering Target Tracking
Jinlong Yang and Hongbing Ji
Mutually Orthogonal Sets of Complementary Sequences for Multi-Carrier CDMA Systems
Zhenyu Zhang, Fanxin Zeng and Guixin Xuan
Study on Broadband Adaptive Beamforming Method for Smart Antenna
Liang Wang and Zhijie Song
Modified Polyphase Filter for Arbitrary Sampling Rate Conversion
Yong-jian Xu, Hong-yuan Wang and Zhi Shen
A Method of Multi-Channel Non-Uniform Subband Adaptive Noise Cancellation
Lingkun Ma, Da Xie, Xia Liu and Jianguo Huang
Improved Semi-Blind Sparse Channel Estimation Based on Constant Modulus Constraint
Liping Dong and Qun Wan
Family Particle Swarm Optimization
Zhenzhou An, Xinling Shi and Junhua Zhang
An Implementation to Mitigate the Effect of Multipath on Positioning Accuracy
Yong Huang and Jinli Lin
Research of the Method of High Accuracy Time Delay Estimation
Yong Huang and Jingli Lin
A Frequency Estimation Algorithm for Pulsed Magnetron Radar Transmitter Sample Signal
Jian-Xin He, Zhi-Huo Xu and Yue-Xia Wang
A New Neural Network Measure for Objective Speech Quality Evaluation
Tian-yun Yan, Min Wei, Wei Wei and Zhen-ming Xu
Constructions of Quantum Boolean Functions
Jie Zhang and Qiaoyan Wen
Design of a VoIP Media Stream Encryption Device
Meng Xiao and Cuiran Li
One Bit Support Recovery
Hui Wang and Qun Wan
Blind Adaptive Multiuser Detection under Multi-Path Channel
Dongyu Wang, Wenkai Liu and Yongjian Zhang
Research of Singular Signal Detection Based on Wavelet Analysis
Xiaochun Zhang and Caiwen Hu
A New Approach for Rational Fraction Expansion
Jun-tao Zhang and Yu-ying Wang
An Acquisition Scheme for Aperiodic DSSS Signal Based on Teager-Kaiser Operator
Tian Tian, Jianping An and Aihua Wang
Unvoiced and Voiced Phoneme Independent Component Analysis
Hong Wei, Xinling Shi, Yuanyuan Pu and Jian Yang
Effects of Antenna Correlation and Mutual Coupling on the Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation in MIMO Systems
Yan Wu, J. W. M. Bergmans and S. Attallah
Research on Target Localization Based on Improved Multi-Swarm Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Jinjie Yao and Yan Han
Multiple-Stream Code-Multiplexed Transmitted-Reference Ultra-Wideband Systems
Weikai Xu, Lin Wang and Francis C. M. Lau
The Design and Simulation of LNA with the Frequency of 2.4GHz
Yongguang Lu, Shu-hui Yang and Yinchao Chen
The Research of the Pipe Line Leakage Detecting System Based on DSP
Shuhua Li, Yong Tie and Kai Sun
Research on Simulation Method of Radar Clutter Suppression for Large Scale Air Defense and Antimissile Simulation System
Yong Yang, Feng Zhao, Wen-ming Zhang and Shun-ping Xiao
The Porting of muC/OS -II to the Control System Based on TMS320VC5416 and the Research on the Key Technology of the Bootloader
Shuhua Li, Kai Sun and Gaizhi Guo
A New Method of SAR Image Segmentation Based on the Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix and Fuzzy Neural Network
Xiaorong Xue, Xijie Wang, Fang Xiang and Hongfu Wang
Analysis of Music Representations of Vocal Performance Based on Spectrogram
Qing Chen, Lihua Ai, Weiying Wei, Wenjun Ma, Peipei Xie and Ming Zhang
A New Method of MUD under Asynchronous Condition
Huanjiong Zhang
Blind Source Separation Based on Convolution Mixture Speech Signals
Li Yan and Yang Zhen
A Modified Loop Filter Design for Digital Symbol Synchronizer
Zhixing Yang, Siliang Zhuang and Yu Zhang
Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Backward and Bi-Directionally Pumped Raman Amplifiers
Huang Liqun, Yang Guang and Shen Li
An Ultrasonic Detecting Method Testing for Defects in Profiled Component
Lu Yang, Yanhua Zhang and Haijun Cao
Design and Simulation of FIR Digital Filter Using Fuzzy Adaptive Method
Yong Zhang and Chen Wang
Performance of Code-Orthogonalized Transmitted-Reference Ultra-Wideband System in Presence of Interference
Xia Li, Hua Jiang, Jian Zhang and Zhi-yuan Zhang
A Novel Spectral Parameters Estimation Approach for Weather Echoes Based on Fitting
Yue-Xia Wang and Jian-Xin He
Joint Angle Estimation for Bistatic MIMO Radar
Xinchao Li, Yiduo Guo, Yongshun Zhang and Di Shen
An Interference Signal Signature Analysis Algorithm Based on High Order Cumulants
Yan Yang, Zheng-quan Huang and Zhang-dui Zhong
The Research of Ultrasonic Heat Meter Based on Wireless Backwater Temperature Measurement
Hongdi Ke and Wen You
Design of Fountain Codes with Differential Evolution
Fei Xie and Xuehong Lin
Orthogonal Vector Estimation Algorithm Based on Signal Subspace with General Correlation Matrix
Dengshan Huang, Jun Kang, Xingzhao Liu, Jie Zhang and Ping Zhao
A Novel Quaternion DOA Estimation Algorithm Based on Magnetic Loop Antenna
Wei Cui, YunPeng Li and LuQin Luo
A New Improved Particle Filter Algorithm Based on UKF and GASA
Ming Li, Peng Zhang and Yan Wu
Design and Implementation of Bandwidth Adaptable Third-Order All Digital Phase-Locked Loops
Changhong Shan, Zhongze Chen, Lijun Zhu and Yong Li
Study on Digital Cellular Mobile Communication System Receiver's Immunity to Interference
Haiying Jiang, Yougang Gao and Dan Zhang
Application of Hilbert-Huang Transform to Blasting Vibration Signal Feature Analysis
Le Zhang, Jing-long Yan and Dong-tao Li
A Fast Convergent Algorithm for Semi-Blind Equalization
Lan-Jian Cao and Zhi-Zhong Fu
A Fast Blind Carrier Frequency Estimation Algorithm for Digitally Modulated Signals
Luping Zhang and Jianxin Wang
Simulation Study of FIR Filter Based on Matlab
Yan Gao and Lin-Lin Zhang
Tracking Algorithm Base on Quadratic BOC
Li Yang, ChengSheng Pan, YanChun Wang and HaiYan Liu
Design and Simulation of Two-Channel DDC in Satellite Cellular Integrated System
Chunli Kong, Xiangning Fan, Zhiyuan Xu and Hao Zheng
Maximum Likelihood Source Localization in UWSAN Using Acoustic Energy
Yan Ma and Xing Shi
ICA Algorithm Based on Intelligent Electronic Nose in the Mixed Gas of Feature Extraction
Xiufeng Meng
A General Carrier Lock Detection Algorithm for MPSK Signal
Yiwen Zhu, Yafeng Zhan, Gang Xu and Meng Han
The Application of Poly-Phase Filter in Rader Signal Processing
Bin-bin Cheng, Jing Xu and Hai Zhang
EMD-Based BER Improvement of TH-PPM UWB Signal in AWGN Channel
Jianmin Xu, Yufeng Wang and Chunyun Song
A New Variable Tap-Length LMS Algorithm and Application in Fixed Satellite Communications
Hui Chen, Yanguang Han, Haibin Li and Xinping Guan
The Simulation Analysis and Experiment Results of Null Steering Antenna for GPS Receiver
Lijun Wang and Jianmin Xu
A New Method for MQAM Signals Identification
Mingqian Liu, Bingbing Li and Weidong Tang
The Differences among Eyes-Closed, Eyes-Open and Attention States: An EEG Study
Ling Li
Research on the Configuration of Network Radar Based on Detectable Power and Detector's SNR
Yueping Liu, Qiuxi Jiang and Hangxing Guo
Experiment and Model of Geometric Rectification on SPOT5 Imagery under Lack Control Points
Xiaoqing Zuo and Jun Chang
A Novel Rake Receiver Using RLS Adaptive Algorithm for DS-UWB Systems
Lina Qi, Zongliang Gan and Hongbo Zhu
Influence of Gauss White Noise on the Weak Signal Detection Based on Chaotic Oscillator
Daowen Liu and Lin Yao
Design and Simulation of an Optimized DDS
Qing Wang, Songbai He and Ziming Zhong
A ANN Based High Quality Method for Voice Conversion
Z. Chen and L. H. Zhang
Practicable Research on Suppressing Angular Glint Base on the Target's RCS Weights
Zhen-yu Zhou, Zhi-yi He, Xin Zhao and Ye Luo
A Selective Approach to Improve the Performance of UWB Image Transmission System over Indoor Fading Channels
Ting-ting Lv, Hao Zhang, Xiao Wang and Xue-rong Cui
An Improved Gradient Pursuit Algorithm for Signal Reconstruction Based on Compressed Sensing
Canmei Zhou, Ruizhen Zhao and Shaohai Hu
An Acquisition Scheme for Non-Coherent DSSS Signal
Yuling Li, Tianyun Ma and Tian Tian
Evaluation Method of Jamming Effect on ISAR Based on the Similarity of Features
Ben-yu Zhu, Lei Xue and Da-ping Bi
Adaptive Sum and Difference Beamforming for Monopulse System with Array Antennas
Yu-dong He, Jie Zhou and Bang-hua Zhou
DOA Estimation of LFM Signals
Bo Xiong, Xi Zhao and Hua-wen Liu
Sampling Rate Determination for RF Integrated Front End of Multiple Satellite Navigation Systems
Yong Huang and Jingli Lin
Detection and Removal of Impulsive White Noise from Noisy Speech
Zhiyong He and Maoqing Zhang
An Adaptive Broadband Channelization Scheme Using Nonuniform Subband Decomposition
Yan Zhao, Sheng-en Luo and Jian Wan
A Differential Strategy for GNSS Weak Signals Acquisition in Presence of Bit Sign Transitions
Kewen Sun
New Combination MMSE Equalizer for 3GPP-LTE Uplink
Guocai Li and Lijuan Yao
Logical Level Implementation of Spatio每Temporal Process Model with Concurrent Processing and Signal Transmission Techniques
Aigong Xu and A. H. Lakmal
An Improved Peak Extraction Algorithm in PHD Based Multi-Target Tracking Algorithm Applied to Passive Radar
Li-quan Zhao, Dan-feng Zhao and Cong Xu
Loran-C Synchronous Interference Suppression Using Improved Adaptive Algorithms
Wei Xiong, Yan Li and Qing Liang
A New Multi-Dimensional Mapping of QPSK Constellation for BICM-ID Systems
Lin Li and Chaowei Yuan
On-Chip Bus Design for HDTV SoC Decoder
Zhiqiang Yi and Yun Li
Research on Pattern Recognition Based on the Universal Electronic Tongue System
Jianhui Zhou, Lei Wang, Jionghua Teng and Tao Zhou
Improved Hexagon-Based Searching Algorithm for Fast Motion Estimation
Wenwei He and Yuling Zhang
A Unified Approach for Optimal Design of 2-D FIR Filters Using Second-Order Cone Programming
Qingsong Zhou, Song Zha, Jianyun Zhang and Xiaobo Li
Design of Complex FIR Filters with Group Delay Constraints Using Second-Order Cone Programming
Qingsong Zhou, Song Zha, Jianyun Zhang and Xiaobo Li
Calculating the Second Order Statistics of Some Random Processes by a Novel Method
Miao Wang, Zhangdui Zhong and Qiuyan Liu
Steganalysis of Compressed Speech Based on Histogram Features
Qi Ding and Xijian Ping
Research into Wave Energy Characteristic Signal of Transition Rainfall in Summer Drought Period in Sichuan and Chongqing
Tiangui Xiao, Minghuan Wang and Weibin Chen
Synthesizing Pattern with Broad Nulls Based on G-S Orthogonal Method
Longyang Huang and Yaqing Chen
A Practical and Efficient Algorithm for Distributed Interference Alignment Based on Cognitive Radio
Hufei Zhu, Bin Li and Wen Chen
The Use of Remote Sensing Technology in Environmental Protection
Xiaorong Xue, Aimin Wang, Hongfu Wang and Fang Xiang
Blind Adaptive Stochastic Resonance in Base Band Binary Signal Processing
Miao Yu and Jianzhong Chen
A Review of Adaptive Beamforming Techniques for Wideband Smart Antennas
Mariel Rivas, Shuguo Xie and Donglin Su
Fractional Fourier Transform Based Secure Communication System
Xin Qiu, Xue-jun Sha, Qing-hua Shen and Xuan-li Wu
Performance Analysis and Simulation of Both QPSK and OQPSK
Mingxin Tan, Shuren He, Wenjun Song, Haizhong Liu, Zhixiong Liu and Wenwen Fang
The Algorithm of Extracting Energy Curve from X-ray Coherent Scatter Images
Taihui Liu, Jingxin Liu, Shuang Qiao, Chengjun Xie and Jianzhong Song
A New MMSE Estimator Based on Signal Correlation Property
Chengti Huang, Rueywen Liu and Houjun Wang
Simulation on the Fast Frequency Estimation Algorithm of FH Signal
Jun Lv, Tong Li and Jinghe Huo
Research into Hierarchical Structure Model of Comprehensive Meteorologic Disaster Risk Evaluation Based on Information Diffusion
Tiangui Xiao, Yuejun Li, Ronghua Jin and Xin Hu
Nonlinear Analog Circuit Diagnosis Based on Volterra Series and Neural Network
Shirong Yin
Blind Signal Separation by Entropy Maximization (INFOMAX)
Qinggui Jin, Guirong Wang and Yuancheng Liu
Simulating B92 Protocol in Depolarizing Channel
Xiaofang Xu and Xiaoyu Chen
A New Tracking Algorithm for Uniform Circular Moving Target Based on Range from Multi-Sensor
Jin-mang Liu, Wan-hai Yang, Chang-yun Liu and Zheng Zhou
An Effective Target Tracking Algorithm in Infrared Images Video
Yu-hui Liu, Qian-qian Yan, Wei Liu, Huai Yuan and Guang-yuan Zhang
Residual-Feedback Particle Filter for Maneuvering Target Tracking
Bin Li, Zhiguo Shi and Junfeng Chen
Antenna and Circuit
A Novel Multi-Sleeve Antenna for Mobile Communications Applications
Tao Jiang, Chang Su, Cheng-yuan Liu and Ying-song Li
Printed 6-Element Dipole Array Antenna for Omnidirection Applied in WiMAX
Zhiya Zhang, Guang Fu, Shuxi Gong, Shaoli Zuo and Tao Ran
RBF Intelligent Model of Microwave Rectangular PDGS-LPF
Taobin Jin, Jie Jin, Ruipu Yao, Kejia Li and Yizhen Zhang
A Self-Affine Fractal Antenna for Wireless Telemedicine Applications
G. Srivatsun and S. Subha Rani
A Wideband CMOS Low-Noise Amplifier for Dual-Band GPS Receiver
Jing Shen, Xiaolin Zhang and Wenbo Xia
Performance Simulation of a Conformal Equiangular Spiral Antenna on the Circular Truncated Cone
Lizhong Song
Simulation and Analysis of a Kind of Conical Conformal Archimedean Spiral Antenna
Lizhong Song
RHCP Patch Antenna for Automotive DSRC System
Yingqing Xia and Jia Luo
Vehicle Surface Affection on Antenna Polarization
Zh. L. Deng, D. B. Zhang and J.-M. Huang
Compact Ultra-Wideband Antenna with Radial Patch
Binggang Xiao, Xiumin Wang, Jixiang Zhao and Dongping Zhang
Promising 5.0-15.0 GHz LC Feedback Oscillators
Hsin-Chia Yang, Kan-Tse Yeh, Ming-Der Chang, Sungching Chi, Shih-Chia Lin and Chuei-Tang Wang
Analysis and Simulation of Propagation Model for Wireless Communication of Bio-Sensors
Shama Siddiqui, Vali Uddin Abbas and Mustafa Asghar Ali
Theory and Measurement of Delta RCS for RFID Tag on Various Materials
Kai She, Yigang He, Bing Li, Zhouguo Hou, Yanqing Zhu and Lei Zuo
Promising 5.0-16.0 GHz CMOS-Based Oscillators with Tuned LC Tank
Hsin-Chia Yang, Ming-Der Chang, Kan-Tse Yeh, Sungching Chi, Mu-Chun Wang and Chuei-Tang Wang
RF Front End Design for Receiver of Smart GSM Mobile Phone
Haiying Jiang, Dan Zhang and Yougang Gang
Wireless Data Collection System Design Based on AT86RF212
Xiao-Min Li, Wen-Chao Gong and Shuang-Hua Huang
Influence of Structure Parameters on a Planar Monopole Antenna
Aihong Chen and Aixin Chen
Cobwebb Antennas Applied on HF Communications
D. B. Zhang, Zh. L. Deng and J.-M. Huang
A Compact Tri-Frequency Patch Antenna with Planar Left-Handed Materials
Chen Wang and Bin-Jie Hu
Research on the Radiation Field of Wide-Band Leaky Coaxial Cable
Linlin Feng, Zhuo Wang, Xiaodong Yang and Bo Xu
Ferrite Isolator Design with Low Intermodulation Distortion under High Power Condition
Dong Yang, Taijun Liu and Yan Ye
The Signal Integrity of the High-Speed IC Design
Kaer Huang, Wenyi Liu, Yan Zhang and Hongcheng Yan
B3G and 4G Technologies
The Access Network and Protocol Design for CoMP Technique in LTE-Advanced System
Youjun Gao, Qixing Wang and Guangyi Liu
Cooperative Relay Using Erasure Codes for Reliable Data Transport in Wireless Networks
Shuang Qin, Gang Feng and Yide Zhang
MU-MIMO Uplink Transmission Scheme Based on SVD in Multicell Scenario
Haitao Li
System Resource Allocation of TD-SCDMA Terminal Based on SDR Platforms
Li Wang and Shuai Chen
An 8-TX Diversity Scheme for LTE-A Downlink
Jing Yang and Zu-fan Zhang
A Non-Planar Monopole Antenna for Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Applications
Ying-song Li, Xiao-dong Yang, Cheng-yuan Liu and Qu-tang Li
Research on Measurement of Optical Fiber Raman Gain Coefficient
Chunyuan Feng, Zhongyang Rao, Shangzhong Jin and Yongxing Jin
A Modified Inter-Cell Interference Coordination Algorithm in Downlink of TD-LTE
Bingbing Zhao, Liquan Chen, Xiaohui Yang and Lingling Wang
Autonomous Time Synchronization Algorithm and Time Synchronization Link Performance Analysis in the Satellite Constellation
Feijiang Huang, Xiaochun Lu, Guangcan Liu, Yingde Wang, Liping Sun and Zhengda Li
A Novel Approach to Improve the Iterative Detection Convergence of LDPC Coded CPM Modulated Signals
Rui Xue, Dan-feng Zhao and Chun-li Xiao
Improved Mutually Orthogonal ZCZ Polyphase Sequence Sets and Their Applications in OFDM Frequency Synchronization
Wenchao Zhang, Fanxin Zeng, Xiuhong Long and MingXuan Xie
An Extensive Scheme for SIP-Based Mobile Network Fast Handoff
Baojiang Wu
A Low Complexity Power Allocation Approach for OFDM
Systems with DF Relay Fengfeng Shi and Chunming Zhao
Distributed Relay Selection in OFDM-Based Cooperative Wireless Networks
Wendong Yang and Yueming Cai
Interoperability of Wireless Networks Based on Layer Modification and LTE with 4G
Dilshad Mahjabeen, A. H. M. Sayem, Anis Ahmed and Shahida Rafique
Linear Combination Method for UWB Vehicular Radar Pulse Design
Bin Xia, Hong Xie, Qian Liu and Nan Xie
An Improved STBC Scheme of Achieving High-Rate Full-Diversity with Linear Receivers
Yang Song, Jianping Li and Chaoshi Cai
Admission Control for Integrated Heterogeneous Networks Based on Equivalent Spectral Bandwidth Distribution
Su Pan and Bowen Wu
A Low Complexity Iterative Receiver for Multiuser Space-Time Coding System
Na Du, Ning Cao and Pin-biao Gu
Reduced-Rank Detection Algorithm Based on MMSE-SQRD for OFDM-V-BLAST Systems
Rui Wang, Pinyi Ren and Minkang Gong
A Spectrally Efficient Distributed Coded Cooperation Based on Opportunistic Relaying
Li Wei, Pinyi Ren and Yanjie Liu
Measurement of the Impact of Building Penetration Loss on HSDPA Performance
Zhongwei Tang and Paul Fitzpatrick
Utility Greedy Discrete Bit Loading for Interference Limited Multi-Cell OFDM System
Xinghui Su, Tiejun Lv, Xuefen Yu, Shaoshi Yang and Yonghua Li
Delay Synchronization Scheme for Distributed Space-Time Block Coded Transmission in 2-Hop Cooperative Relaying System
Yanxin Li, Tiejun Lv and Qi Jia
Research and Implementation of High-Speed Aeronautical Communication Technique Based on OFDM
Bin Xue, Jianping An and Shiguang Hao
Analysis of the Impact on WCDMA R99 Network by the Introduction of HSPA
Xinzhou Cheng and Kun Chao
An Automation PCI Allocation Method for eNodeB and Home eNodeB Cell
Ting Wu, LanLan Rui, Ao Xiong and ShaoYong Guo
A Fast Handover Scheme for Wimax System
Xujie Li
Symbol Error Rate Analysis for Cooperative Diversity Networks in Raighlay Channels
Jun Li, Bo He, Fei Lin, Xiaofang Wang and Qinghua Li
On the Performance of High Speed Wireless Access System with Dual-Hop MIMO Relays
Haitao Li
Challenging Issues in NGN Implementation and Regulation
Mustafa Shakir
Simple and Efficient Channel Estimation Based on Dominant Taps Selection for LTE OFDMA
Wenjuan Wei, Jian Tao and Ping'an Li
Performance Evaluation for Cognitive Radio Networks with Cooperative Diversity
Jun Li, Bo He, Xiaofang Wang, Fei Lin and Qinghua Li
Study for Channel Estimation in OFDM System Based on Comb-Pilot
Xi-jun Zhang, Ji-ai He, Liang Hou and Ming-hua Cao
Specific Emitter Identification Based on Intrinsic Time-Scale Decomposition
Chunyun Song, Yi Zhan and Lin Guo
Recognition and Parameter Estimation of MPSK Signals Based on Instantaneous Phase Difference
Chunyun Song, Yi Zhan and Lin Guo
An Adaptive Feedback Interference Cancelling Algorithm Based on Independent Component Analysis for Wireless Repeaters
JiangNan Yuan, JiangHong Shi, BiYu Tang and HuiHuang Chen
Performance Comparison of IDMA and CDMA Systems Based on Simulink
Xin Liu, Xingzhong Xiong and Pingxian Yang
A New Estimation Method Based on Feature Difference for Coherent Source
Yi Sun, Sen Han and Liang-rui Tang
Identifier Mapping Buffer Management Based on MarkovRepeated-Using-Probability Prediction
Jianwei Zhang, Yunfei Guo, Jianqiang Liu and Baowei Zhang
Physical Cell Identity Self-Organization for Home eNodeB Deployment in LTE
Yi Wu, Hai Jiang, Ye Wu and Dongmei Zhang
An Improved Channel Allocation Algorithm Based on List-Coloring
Yuqing Lin, Qi Zhu and Lili Cai
Joint Admission Control through Vertical Handoffs in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Qiang Deng, Bo Hu, Yan Shi and Shan-zhi Chen
Miss-Tuned Envelope Injection for 2.1GHz HPA Based on Polynomial Model
Youjiang Liu, Yinong Liu and Banghua Zhou
Partner Selection Strategy in Cooperative Diversity Systems
Guomin Li and Guisheng Liao
Channel Capacity of MIMO Systems under Correlate Fading
Environment Jun Wang, Xiaochuan Yu, Qi Yan and Shaoping Deng
Research and Link Simulation of Key Technologies for LTE Downlink
Qing Zhao, Zhongpei Zhang and Zhiping Shi
A Novel Architecture- Peer to Peer and Closed Network Mobile Multimedia File Transfer in 4G MIPV6 Network
Laxmikanth Dorai, Ramakanth Dorai and Logash Kumar Veerabadran
Enhanced Efficient Optimal and Suboptimal Radio Resource Allocation in OFDMA System
Xuefen Yu, Tiejun Lv, Pengfei Chang and Yonghua Li
Design of LTE E-MBMS Dynamic Scheduling Information
Xiaowei Jiang, Guangxi Zhu, Weimin Wu and Youjun Gao
Broadband Microstrip Patch Antenna with a Novel L-Shaped CPW-Fed for Wibro/Bluetooth/S-DMB Operation
Jie Ma, Yingzeng Yin, ZuoShao Li and Shangjie Shi
An Effective Preamble-Based Channel Estimation Structure for OFDM/OQAM Systems
Fei Deng, Xu He, Guobing Cheng and Shaoqian Li
An OFDM Based Space-Time Transmission Scheme for Asynchronous Cooperative Systems over Frequency-Selective Channels
Wenjing Cheng, Qinfei Huang, Dongtang Ma and Jibo Wei
A QoS Aware Scheduling Scheme for Multiple Traffics with Reduced Feedback
Qiaoyun Sun, Haijun Zhang, Wenyan Chai, Hui Tian and Shuguang Zhang
An Adaptive MIMO Scheme for E-MBMS in Point-to-Multipoint Transmission Mode
Yong Kong, Zhen-Hui Tan, Shaoyi Xu and Jiajun Li
Coverage Efficiency of Radio-Over-Fiber Network for High-Speed Railways
Jia-Yi Zhang, Zhen-Hui Tan and Xiao-Xi Yu
On the Evaluation of IMT-Advanced Candidates: Methodologies, Current Work and Way Forward
Ying Wang, Tan Wang, Lisha Ling and Cong Shi
Co-Existence Analysis of LTE and WiMAX in Uplink
Yushu Zhang, Hui Guo, Xinglin Wang and Xiaojin Zhang
On the Proportional Fairness Scheduling in Wireless OFDM Systems
Juan Wen
Some Results on the Capacity of MIMO Rayleigh Fading Channels
Xiwu Lv, Kaihua Liu and Yongtao Ma
Coordinated Transmission with Block Diagonalization in MIMO Broadcast
Yachen Wang, Jingsai Jiang, Yanhong Fan and Ye Li
Dual-Band Power Amplifier Using Composite Right/Left-Handed Transmission Line
Jia Shi, Taijun Liu, Yan Ye, Shuai Ge and Gaoming Xu
Zero-Forcing Beamforming with Limited Feedback in Coordinated Multi-Point Transmission
Qiang Li, Yang Yang and Shu Fang
Interference Analysis on Blocking and Adjacent Channel Selectivity in LTE Down-Link Performances
Xiuxing Chen, Xinning Zhu, Gan Guo and Chunyan Feng
A New FMT System Structure with Relative Coding
Xinghai Yang, Weihong Zhu, Zhiquan Bai and Xuemin Pang
Analysis of Power De-Rating Represented by Maximum Power Reduction and Cubic Metric in LTE Uplink Transmission
Xu Yang, Xinning Zhu, Zhimin Zeng and Gan Guo
An Enhanced MAG Forwarding Scheme for Proxy Mobile IPv6
Yong Jiang, Bo Hu and Shanzhi Chen
A Method for PAPR Reduction Using Pilot Sequences in SC-FDMA
Lei Li, Enchang Sun and Yanhua Zhang
A Vertical Handoff Decision Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Control in WiMAX and TD-SCDMA Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Qing He, Guang Chen and Le Zhang
Performance Evaluation of Uplink Base Station Cooperation in Multi-Cell MIMO Systems
Peng Cheng, Feng Zhou, Changlong Xu, Jing Wang, Guangjie Li and Xu Zhang
Joint Constrained LMS Algorithm and Base Station Assignment for DS-CDMA Receiver in Multipath Fading Channels
Mohammad Dosaranian Moghaddam, Hamidreza Bakhshi and Gholamreza Dadashzadeh
Evaluation of Near MLD Algorithms in MIMO SC-FDMA System
Xinya Liu, Xu He, Wenjun Ren and Shaoqian Li
System Level Performance Evaluation of LTE with MIMO and Relays in Reuse-1 IMT-Advanced Scenarios
Rainer Schoenen, Carlos Teijeiro and Daniel B邦ltmann
Cognitive Radio
Heuristic Spectrum Assignment Algorithm in Distributed Cognitive Networks
Li Yu, Cong Liu, Zuhao Liu and Wenyu Hu
A New Algorithm of Spectrum Allocation for Cognitive Radio Based on Cooperative Game
Liang Ma and Qi Zhu
A Novel Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Algorithm Based on Random Matrix Theory
Kaitian Cao and Zhen Yang
Power Allocation Using Non-Cooperative Game Theoretic Analysis in Cognitive Radio Networks
Ronghua Luo and Zhen Yang
Performance Analysis of Cooperative Sensing with Equal Gain Combination over Nakagami Channels in Cognitive Radio Networks
Wen Zhang, Jiawei Yang, Qi Yan and Liyuan Xiao
Biologically-Inspired Distributed Spectrum Access for Cognitive Radio Network
Xu Mao and Hong Ji
Study on Spectrum Allocation of Primary Users for Cognitive Radio Based on Game Theory
Yunxiao Zu and Peng Li
Detection Performance Analysis for the Multiple-User Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Scheme with the Best Relay over Nakagami Fading Channel
Siyan Duan, Pengfei He and Yang Zhou
Cooperative Compressed Sensing for Wide-Band Spectrum Detection
Bin Gu, Zhen Yang, Haifeng Hu and Kaitian Cao
An Improved Eigenvalue-Based Algorithm for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing
Miao Yang, Jianping An, Xiangyuan Bu and Lei Sun
A Two-Step Schedule Resource Allocation Algorithm in Cognitive OFDMA Systems
Fushun Lv, Pinyi Ren and Shuangcheng Yan
Power Allocation Algorithms for OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio Systems
Shuangcheng Yan, Pinyi Ren and Fushun Lv
A Metaheuristic Approach for the Frequency Assignment Problem
Yuanyuan Zhang and Ming Chen
A Novel Cross Layer Routing Protocol for CR Ad Hoc Network
Zong-shou Li and Qi Zhu
A Dynamic AOA-RSS Positioning Algorithm for Cognitive Radio
Mohammad Kazemi, Mehrdad Ardebilipour and Narges Noori
Robust Sequential Spectrum Sensing Based on the Goodness-of-Fit Test
Guowei Zhang, Ju Liu, Lei Chen and Lingyin Wang
An Interference Cancellation Scheme for Cognitive Radio Network
Yue Fei and Zhuo Wu
An Open Software Simulation Platform for Cognitive Radio
Minghao Zhan, Pinyi Ren and Minkang Gong
A Wideband Front-End for Software Defined Radio
Shengyuan Zhou, Qiuming Zhao, Chengjian Mo and Xing Wei
Energy Detection Algorithm Based on Wavelet Packet Transform under Uncertain Noise for Spectrum Sensing
Shi-bing Zhang and Jin-jing Qin
Performance Analysis of Energy Detection-Based Spectrum Sensing over Fading Channels
Nima Reisi, Mahmoud Ahmadian and Soheil Salari
A Novel Spectrum Borrowing Scheme between Heterogeneous Networks
Xijin Li, Hong Ji and Lin Zhang
A Method of Signaling Precoder Information for Dynamical Spectrum Shaping
Guolin Sun and Jaap van de Beek
Dynamic Channel Allocation Mechanism Based on Characteristic Matching in Cognitive Wireless Network
Dan Miao, Fang Tian, Yanjun Yao, Zhiyong Feng and Ping Zhang
Sub-Optimal Power Allocation in MIMO-OFDM Based Cognitive Radio Networks
Hamid Shahrokh and Kamal Mohamed-pour
The Spectrum Solutions of Cognitive Radios with a Signaling Channel
Qixing Chen, Tianbao Wang and Hongbing Yu
Optimal Power Control with QoS Constraint for OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio Network
Chao Liu, Shunyi Zhang, Wenjuan Li and Suoqin Zhang
Cooperative Relay with Power Control in Cognitive Radio Networks
Xiaoxue Liu, Baoyu Zheng and Wei Ji
Stability Throughput Analysis of Cognitive Radio Interference MIMO Channels
He Gao, Jun Li, Fuqiang Zhou, Rong Zou and Chuansheng Zhang
Optimization and Criterions of Collaborative Sensing under Transmission Power Constraint
Cuimei Cui and Yiming Wang
An SMDP-Based Optimal Admission Control Scheme in Cognitive Radio Networks
Qiang Deng, Bo Hu, Yan Shi and Shan-zhi Chen
Centralized and Distributed Spectrum Sensing System Models Performance Analysis Based on Three Users
Fang Chen and Runhe Qiu
Evaluation of Spectrum Opportunity of Cognitive Radio Systems
Hyunduk Kang
Radar Multi-Targets Real-Time Communication Based on Software Radio
Hangcheng Han, Jianping An and Weiyu An
Throughput Maximization in Cognitive Radio Networks
Qian Wang, Dian-Wu Yue and Ying Wang
DOA Identification of Communication Emitters Based on Shapiro-Wilk Test and Divisive Hierarchical Cluster Analysis
Kexin Jia and Zishu He
QoS Based Resource Allocation for OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio Systems with Mixed Services
Pei-Pei Chen, Qin-Yu Zhang and Ye Wang
Throughput Analysis of Cognitive Radio with OSTBC between Primary and Secondary Users
Fei Wei, Zhen Yang and Qi Zhu
Blind Multiband Joint Detection in Cognitive Radio Networks Based on Model Selection
Tian-Xiang Luan, Liu Dong, Kuang Xiao and Xian-Da Zhang
On Channels Activity of Opportunistic Spectrum Sharing with Homogeneous Primary Users
Jing Zhang, Hongbo Zhu and Hui Zhi
Analysis and Simulation of Sensing Deception in Fading Cognitive Radio Networks
Qihang Peng, Pamela C. Cosman and Laurence B. Milstein
A Real Time Power Control Method for Wireless Mobile Communications System
Juan Zhou, Youxi Tang, Shihai Shao and Jinxiang Xia
Spectrum Sensing Based on Cyclic Autocorrelation for Cognitive Radio
Yang Ou, Yiming Wang and Dan Ye
A Survey on Distributed Opportunity Spectrum Access in Cognitive Network
Huang Li, Guangxi Zhu, Zhong Liang and Yuguo Chen
Implementation of Dynamic Spectrum Access Using Enhanced Carrier Sense Multiple Access in Cognitive Radio Networks
Syed Sohail Ahmed, Anum Raza, Hira Asghar and Um e Ghazia
QoS Provisioning Spectrum Decision Algorithm Based on Predictions in Cognitive Radio Networks
Yang Li, Yuning Dong, Hui Zhang, Haitao Zhao, Haixian Shi and Xingxing Zhao
Capacity Analysis of VoIP Service in Cognitive Radio System
Liqiang Jiang, Tigang Jiang, Zengguang Wang and Xiangjun He
Artificial Neural Network Based Spectrum Sensing Method for Cognitive Radio
Yu-Jie Tang, Qin-Yu Zhang and Wei Lin
An Improved Power Control Strategy for Cognitive Radio Networks with Imperfect Channel Estimation
Qian Hu and Zhenzhou Tang
On Throughput Analysis for Cognitive Interference Relay Channel
Jia Lou, Tao Luo, Guangxin Yue and Yan Ma
Cognitive Radio Spectrum Sensing and Data Fusing Algorithm
Shiyin Li, Mengyun Liu, Qiong Liu, Yuanjiang Huang and Zhen Sun
Research on Spectrum Hole Distribution for Cognitive Radio Systems
Zhigang Wen, C. Fan, J. Liu, X. Zhang, J. Zou and Y. Wu
Cooperative Proactive Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Networks
Mostafa Mohammadkarimi, Behrad Mahboobi and Mehrdad Ardebilipour
GLRT Based Active Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Systems
Mostafa Mohammadkarimi, Behrad Mahboobi and Mehrdad Ardebilipour
Performance of Decode-and-Forward Cooperative Communications with Channel Estimation Errors over Nakagami-m Fading Channels
Xujun Chen, Lurong Fan, Junhong Hu and Shouyin Liu
A Low Complexity Soft-Output QRD-M Algorithm for MIMOOFDM Systems
Haifang Jian, Yong Yi, Xiuling Cui and Yin Shi
Adaptive Power Allocation for Double STTD System
Rongdao Yu and Tao Wu
A New Method for PAR Reduction of OFDM Signal Based on Chaotic Encoder
Yong Guo and Liang Huang
Reduced Computational Complexity PTS Scheme for PAPR Reduction of OFDM Signals
Lingyin Wang, Ju Liu and Guowei Zhang
User Selection for Multiuser MIMO BC with Zero-Forcing Beamforming
Min Lu and Guangzeng Feng
A Pairing Scheduling Scheme for Virtual MIMO Systems
Bo Huang, Xuming Fang, Qing Chen, Rong He and Wu Chen
S Parameters Study of PDGS with Defected Rectangles
Taobin Jin, Jie Jin, Ruipu Yao, Kejia Li and Yizhen Zhang
Intelligent Model of Microwave Filter Using PDGS with Defected Rectangles
Taobin Jin, Jie Jin, Ruipu Yao, Kejia Li and Yizhen Zhang
The Effectiveness of Using Source Coding to Reduce PAPR in OFDM System
Filbert H. Juwono and Dadang Gunawan
On the Performance of MIMO Systems in Presence of Imperfect Channel Information
Kai Sun, Wei Huang, Yong Yie and Shuhua Li
Coordinated Transmit and Receive Processing with Adaptive Multi-Stream Selection
HongSun An, Manar Mohaisen, DongKeol Han and KyungHi Chang
Robust Time-Domain OFDM Timing Offset Estimation Based on PN Sequence under Multipath Channels
Junhui Zhao, Wei Yang and Rongtao Xu
Pilot Design for MIMO OFDM Channel Estimation Regard to
Guard Band A. Moradi, H. Bakhshi and E. Kalantari
An On-Vehicle Dual-Antenna Handover Scheme for High-Speed Railway Distributed Antenna System
Chongzhe Yang, Linghui Lu, Cheng Di and Xuming Fang
Two-Level Spreading OFDM System Using Beamforming and Adaptive Code Assignment for Wireless Communication
Xiaotao Feng, Yong Shang and Bo Wu
A Novel Method to Estimate the End to Multi-End Capacity Bounds in MU-MIMO-Relay Broadcast Channel
Xin Xia, Gang Wu and Shaoqian Li
A New Companding Method of the PAR Reduction in Underwater OFDM Communication System
Zhaokai Yuan, Zheng Li, Tianyu Sui, Yu Li and Haining Huang
Performance Analysis of an Anti-Jamming Multicarrier System with Joint Time-Frequency Spreading
Bo Wu, Yong Shang and Haige Xiang
Channel Estimation and Space-Time Decoding under MIMO System
Menglong Wu, Danpu Liu, Tao Luo, Changchuan Yin and Guangxin Yue
A New Phase Noise Mitigation Algorithm for MIMO-OFDM Communications Systems
E. Kalantari, H. Bakhshi and A. Moradi
Optimal Power Allocation and Relay Selection in OFDM-Based Cooperative Systems
Lijie Wang, Haitao Zhao, Yong Xi and Jibo Wei
Research on the Reduction of PAPR for OFDM Signals by Companding and Clipping Method
Lin Gong, Shu-hui Yang and Yinchao Chen
A Simplified Unbiased MMSE Metric Based QRDM Decoder for MIMO Systems
Xiang Wu and John S. Thompson
QoS-Constrained MIMO Subchannel Allocation in SDR Using the Tunable Channel Decomposition
Jing Wang and Gerald E. Sobelman
Combination of Turbo Code and Multi-Channel Reception in Rayleigh Fading Environment
Jinpeng Wang, Shufang Zhang, Jingbo Zhang and Jinpeng Wang
Loop-Delay Estimation for Digital Predistortion System
Xiaowei Kong, Zishu He and Wei Xia
The Analysis and Implementation of FPGA for Precoding in FFH-OFDM
Jing Qian
An Improved SLM Method Based on Hadamard Transform and Four-Dimensional Hyperchaotic Phase Sequences
Yi Sun, Ya-wei Li and Liang-rui Tang
An Improved Channel Estimation Algorithm for MIMO-OFDM Systems
Yun Li and Zhiqiang Yi
A Novel TPA Scheme for SVD-Assisted Multi-User MIMO Downlink with Imperfect CSI
Pengfei Chang, Tiejun Lv, Taotao Wang, Hui Gao and Yonghua Li
Low SNR Capacity of Jointly-Correlated MIMO Channels
Bin Jiang, Shi Jin, Xiqi Gao and Kai-Kit Wong
Performance Analysis for Optimum Combining with Unequal Power Rician Fading Interferers
Yongpeng Wu, Jiee Chen, Ding Lv and Xiqi Gao
Implementation and Optimization of Orthogonal Pairing Algorithm in WiMAX
Liang Zhou, Xiao-le Cui and Shao-Gang Cheng
Performance Analysis of MIMO MRC with M-ary Orthogonal and Biorthogonal Signaling in Rayleigh Fading Channels
Guangqiu Li, Jianrun Ge and Ting Xia
Spectrum Sensing for OFDM Systems Based on Cyclostationary Statistical Test
Jianping An, Miao Yang and Xiangyuan Bu
Effect of Channel Estimation Error on MIMO-OFDM Systems Capacity
Junxuan Wang and Junxuan Wang
Optimal Joint Source and Relay Beamforming for Parallel MIMO Relay Networks
Apriana Toding, Muhammad R. A. Khandaker and Yue Rong
A Hybrid Partial Feedback Scheme of Resource Allocation in OFDMA Systems
Liming Hou and Meiting Zhang
Optimal Pilot Sequences for Correlated Fading Channels in MIMO-OFDM System
Xin Geng, Hanying Hu, Weijia Cui and Mingkun Wang
Approximate ML Detection for MIMO-OFDM Systems Using Multistage Chase Detection Algorithm
Tiejun Yang and Hongliang Fu
Closed-Form Error Analysis of OFDM-Based Selective Decode-and-Forward Cooperative Networks over Nakagamim Fading Channels
Wendong Yang, Yueming Cai and Weiwei Yang
Effect of Multiple Clusters on the Correlated MIMO Capacity in Geometrical Channel Model
Dong Fang and Yonghua Li
A Novel Reduced-Complexity Group Detection Structure in MIMO Frequency Selective Fading Channels
Khalid A. Qaraqe, Nariman Rahimian and Mohamed-Slim Alouini
Power Spreading in Distributed Transmit Antennas
Lu Guan, Shihai Shao, Youxi Tang, Yi Wang and Jiayin Zhang
Performance Analysis and Training Power Allocation for Channel Estimation of MIMO/OFDM Systems Using Superimposed Training
Han Zhang and Xianhua Dai
On Power Allocation for Alamouti STBC OFDM Systems with Distributed Transmit Antennas in the Presence of Residual Frequency Offsets
Ke Sun, Shihai Shao, Youxi Tang, Yi Wang and Jiayin Zhang
Low Complexity Integer Frequency Offset Estimation for Broadcast Type OFDM Systems over Double-Selective Channel
Lan Dai, Wen-Kai Liu, Yan-Feng Zhang and Shu-Shan Qiao
Quantum Evolutionary Complex Sphere Decoder Algorithm for MIMO Systems
Liangfang Ni and Sidan Du
The Influence of Phase Sequence Distribution on PAPR of OFDM Systems
Hui Zheng, Jae Ho Hwang and Jae Moung Kim
Combined Multiple Weight Vectors and Receive Antenna Selection
Xuan-hong Wang, Guang-yue Lu and Yun Xiao
Blind Symbol Synchronization for OFDM Systems in Multipath Fading Channels
Xueyong Liu, Ke Pan, Yong Zuo and Jie Chen
Adaptive Step Size for OFDM CFR with Cognitive Clipping
Wanzhi Ma, Shihai Shao and Youxi Tang
Computationally Efficient QO-STBC OFDM Transmitters
Seyoung Cho and Sooyoung Kim
One or Two Transmit Antennas?
Zhigang Li, Shihai Shao, Youxi Tang, Yi Wang and Jiayin Zhang
The Research and Implementation of the Hardware Platform for MIMO Channel Measurement
Lianqing Ji, Jianing Zhao and Qing Huang
Frequency Synchronization in MIMO OFDM Systems
Liming He
A Low Complexity Optimal Bit Allocation Algorithm
Hao Zhang and Yong Liu
A Novel Method of Distributing the Spreading Sequence to Sub-Carriers in MC-CDMA
Jianping An and Chao Chen
Joint Scheduling and Precoding Scheme in MU-MIMO System with Limited Feedback
Yang Yang, Qiang Li, Shu Fang and Shao-qian Li
A New Fast CFO Tracking Algorithm for OFDM Systems
Qiuping Zhu, Weibing Wang and Yaxian Liu
MIMO-OFDM Channel Estimation Based on Neural Network
Hua Cai and Xiao-hui Zhao
Performance of Block Diagonalization Scheme for Various Array Antennas in Multiuser MIMO System
Feng Wang, Xia Liu and Marek E. Bialkowski
Comparison of OFDM and SC/FDE with Modified LS Channel Estimator in MIMO Channels
Shanshan Shao, Weihong Zhu and Shixin Yang
A Multiple Access Scheme for the Uplink of MIMO Systems
Pinlu Yang and Aiqun Hu
A Low-Complexity Diversity Scheme for SIMO OFDM Systems
Liye Zhao, Changjun Li and Hongbao Li
A Hybrid Feedback Protocol for Multiuser MIMO Downlink with Per-Antenna Scheduling
Chunjuan Diao and Ming Chen
The Codebook Design for MIMO Precoding Systems in LTE and LTE-A
Jin Wang, Muqing Wu and Feng Zheng
A Scheduling Technique for the Downlink of Multiuser MIMO Channels
Chunli Chen, Chaoyuan Lv, Yan Jiang and Tingchang Wang
Application Research of Technology Combining AMC and OFDM in HF Communication Systems
Hong Chen and Cui Jian
Reference Level Optimization for AGC in OFDM System
Liye Zhao, Changjun Li and Hongbao Li
Blind Channel and Frequency Offset Estimation for OFDM via Frequency-Domain Oversampling
Qinghua Shi and Y. Karasawa
Mobile Computing Systems and Applications
Implementation of Six-Layer Automatic Elevator Controller Based on FPGA
Yuhang Zhao and Muyan Ma
A Kind of Model Construction Method Based on Formal Representation of Decision Problem
Xue-Long Chen, Feng Ding and Zheng Xie
Application of Visualization and Graphic Analysis on 2-D River Numerical Simulation
Xiaolei Zhang and Jie Shi
Research and Realization of the Mobile Agent Communication in KQML Environment
Yuanhui Yu, Yongmei Li and Ying Deng
A Genetic Algorithm for Spline Least Squares Calculations
Wu Jin
The Network Management System of IP-3DTV Based on IPV4/IPV6
Yongmei Luo, Zhigang Jin and Ximan Zhao
Research of Mobile Agent Trust Management Model in Trusted Computing Environment
Aili Chen and Xiaoping Wu
An Agent-Based Framework for Mobile 2.0
Xiaoning Zhang, Xiao Liu, Xiue Mu, Chen Chen and Ye Jin
Design and Implementation of Automatic Vending Machine Based on the Short Massage Payment
Wen Zhang and Xin Long Zhang
Application of Rough Sets and Grey Clustering in Frequency of Wireless Railway Systems
Qiu-yan Liu, Zhang-dui Zhong and Rongtao Xu
MATLAB Design and Research of Fault Diagnosis Based on ANN for the C?I System
Weikang Zhao, Lu Song, Zhenjiang Zhao and Dantong Na
Design and Implementation of Media Player Based on Android
Maoqiang Song, Jie Sun, Xiangling Fu and Wenkuo Xiong
Resource Interactive Routing Optimization Based on Genetic Algorithm
Ye Liang
Research on Audio/Video Codec Based on Android
Xiangling Fu, Xiangxiang Wu, Maoqiang Song and Mian Chen
An Intelligent Agent for Ubiquitous Travel Information Assistance with Location Awareness
Thiti Vacharasintopchai, Chakajkla Jesdabodi and Tu Ngoc Nguyen
CABS?: Context-Awareness Based Smart Service System
Tong Mo, Weiping Li, Weijie Chu and Zhonghai Wu
Pinpoint: An Efficient Approach to Traffic State Estimation System Using Mobile Probes
Quang Tran Minh and Eiji Kamioka
The Research for Implementation of FPGA's Interface Based on USB 2.0 Controller
Yuhang Zhao and Muyan Ma
An Interconnected Scheme of Interphone Systems via Ethernet Based on VxWorks
Haile Wu, Zunwen He and Jianguang Jia
Analysis of GSM-R Dual-Layer Network Coverage Technology
Xu Li, Rong Liu, Zhengrong Liu and Ying Liu
A Flexible Architecture for RFID Based Laundry Management Systems
Yingliang Lu and Hao Yu
Forecasting Study on the Power of Jiangsu Province by GM(1,1) Model Based on Quadratic Interpolation
Yun-qin Huang
Design of the Restaurant Self-Service Ordering System Based on ZigBee Technology
Guiling Sun and Qingqing Song
Scheduling Algorithm with Respect to Resource Intermittence in Mobile Grid
Li-juan Du and Zhen-wei Yu
A Real-Time Categorization and Clustering Method for Text Data of Laws and Regulations
Bianping Su, Rong Wang and Yiping Wang
The Implementation of the VRML-Based Digital Circuit Virtual Experiment
Weiqun Luo, Chungui Liu, Erping Zhao, Jianguo Wang and Hongen Dang
Design of a Hybrid RFID/GPS-Based Terminal System in Vehicular Communications
Huiping Li, Yi Zhou, Lu Tian and Chunlin Wan
Application of RFID and RTLS Technology in Supply Chain Enterprise
Yujie Zang and Lihua Wu
Digital Rights Management (DRM) in the Mobile P2P Environment
Jiazheng Wang and Xiuhua Fu
Service Composition Algorithm in SOC
Chao Yu and Meng-ting Yuan
A Integration Method of Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management System for Corporate Decision-Making
Xiaobo Tang and Lian Li
Enhanced Multimedia Services Based on Integrated IMSMBMS Architecture in LTE Networks
Yong Sun, Yu Dong, Zhenmin Zhao, Xiangming Wen and Wei Zheng
An e-Science Environment Study Using Wireless Transmission Technique
Yang Wang, Yaonan Zhang, Lihui Luo and Guohui Zhao
Vehicle to Vehicle and Roadside Sensor Communication for Intelligent Navigation
Rongyan Xia, Chen Ye and Dongdong Zhang
The Application of Wireless Communication in Mountain Highway Landslide Monitoring
Yonghui Zhang, Kai Wu, Qian Sheng and Hongxu Li
Design Principles for Facilitating Collaboration in Mobile Environments
Eric Lo and Qing Tan
Evaluation Mechanism for Web Service Based on Semantics and Reputation
Bo Zhang, Yang Xiang and Qiang Xu
Data Management
Chinese Error Correction of Searching Engine under N-Gram Statistic Model
Gang Liu and Zhipeng Chen
A Replica Location Method Based on Huffman Encode in Mobile Grid
Xiaodong Yan, Yuan Sun, Xiaobing Zhao and Guosheng Yang
Clustering Algorithm on Block Division of Documents
Gang Liu and Mingyue Luo
A Cross Comparison Theory Analysis and Application Research
Dongli Zhang, Dong Shao and Wencheng Jiao
Design and Evaluation of a Fuzzy Cooperative Caching Scheme for MANETs
Ihn-Han Bae and Stephan Olariu
A Subspace Clustering Algorithm
Qiang Zhang
A Grid Based Clustering Algorithm
Qiang Zhang
Highly Uncertain Project Valuation Based on Sequential and
Multiple Real Options Zhaohui Liang and Dong-sheng Gong
Design and Implementation of a Vertical Search System for Course Materials
Yongmei Luo, Zhigang Jin and Ximan Zhao
Information Integration Patterns and Measurement of Level of Integration for Port Service Supply Chains
Jie Gao and Jieshu Zhang
An Application Scheme of Publish/Subscribe System over Clustering Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Chunxu Liu, Yuan'an Liu, Xiaolei Ma and Jinchun Gao
Consistency in Regular Plans for Mobile Clients
John Tsiligaridis
On N-layer Vector Space Model-Based Web Information Retrieval
Weiqun Luo, Chungui Liu, Zhiwei Liu and Conghua Wang
Quantitative Analysis on Request Overlapping in On-Demand Broadcast Environments
Jun Chen and Junyang Zhou
A Study on Coding Assisted Data Dissemination in On-Demand Broadcast Environments
Jun Chen and Cheng Zhan
Numerical Inductance Model of Mine Communication Cable
Shiyong Jiang, Lingfei Cheng and Hongfei Qi
Ontology Driven Semantic Service System to Support Mobile Publishing
Hejie Chen and Dan Chen
Analysis of Landscape Change Based on Fractal Dimension
Renzong Ruan and Li Zhang
Prediction of Wetland Vegetation Distribution in Hongze Lake
Renzong Ruan and Li Zhang
Image Processing
Automatic Image Haze Removal Based on Luminance Component
Fan Guo, Zixing Cai, Bin Xie and Jin Tang
The Movement Estimation of Target and Background by Fourier Phase Spectrum Difference
Yuanhao Wu, Shixue Zhang, Jianli Wang, Jianlu Jia, Xuguang Zhang and Qianyang Yu
Fast Covariance Matching Based on Genetic Algorithm
Xuguang Zhang, Shuo Hu, Limin Zhang and Yuanhao Wu
Target Detection Based on Elastic Wave Propagation Equations
Li Cai, Wenxian Xie and Yufeng Nie
Image Retrieval Based on Mutual Information
Shan Zhao and Qian Zhao
An Adaptive, Robust and Multiresolution Image Watermarking for Progressive Wavelet Image Coding
Mehran Deljavan Amiri, Habibollah Danyali and Bahram Zahir-Azami
Filtering of LIDAR Points by a Hierarchical Smoothing Method
Jing-zhong Xu and You-chuan Wan
Image Restoration with Morphological Erosion and Exemplar-Based Texture Synthesis
Hao Guo and Jubai An
Ant Colony Optimization and Statistical Estimation Approach to Image Edge Detection
Jian Zhang, Kun He, Jiliu Zhou and Mei Gong
A High Performance Dithering Method for Gray and Color Image Quantization
Zhijun Yao and Yi Wan
The Application of Information Hiding Technology to Electronic Assignment Anti-Plagiarism
Bing Fu and Jing Zhou
A Novel Image Denoising Method Using Independent Component Analysis and Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform
Shi Zhang, Tingting Tang, Chunli Wu, Ning Xi and Gang Wang
Study on the Method of Image Restoration in the Environment of Dust
Yuanyu Wang, Yuanzong Li and Tianxu Zhang
Directional Preserving Gradient Vector Field for Active Contour Models
Shi Zhang, Ning Xi, Tingting Tang, Gang Wang and Xiaozhi Liu
A Novel Non-Local Means Based Super-Resolution Algorithm with Back-Projection
Rui Lai, Yin-tang Yang, Hui-xin Zhou and Bing-jian Wang
A New Image Segmentation Technique Based on Non-Parametric Mixture Model
Zhe Liu and Jianguo Xiao
An Approach to Building Extraction in Natural Image
Lingling Li and Taisong Jin
An Introduction to Hyper-Complex on Meaningful Digital Watermarking
Li-jia Liu and Zun-wen He
An Image Segmentation Approach Based on Graph Theory and Optimal Threshold Model
Xiangyun Guo, Xiuhua Zhang and Hanyu Hong
Piece-Wise Smooth Multi-Object Area Contours Extraction
Rong-Guo Zhang, Kun Liu, Wei-Chao Dang and Xiao-Jun Liu
A Vector每based Method for Simulating Tailpiece to Rotated Texture Images
Bin Yan and Jingjie Zhang
DOM Generation from Aerial Images Based on Airborne Position and Orientation System
Jianhong Fu
Contour Detection Based on Center-Surround Contrast
Zhiguo Qu, Ping Wang, Peng Wang, Yinghui Gao and Zhenkang Shen
Static Object Depth Estimation Using Defocus Blur Levels Features
Tayebeh Rajabzadeh, Abedin Vahedian and Hamidreza Pourreza
Obtaining Phase Properties of a Passive Laser Unstable Resonators by Processing the Image of Beam Facula Matrix
Xiang Zhang and Xiaoxia Zhang
Improvement of Camera Calibration in Soccer Field Using Simulated Annealing
Homa Fakour, Abedin Vahedian and Hamidreza Pourreza
A New Detection Method of Light Leakage Degree of Piston Rings Based on CCD
Lin Li, Zhong Wang and Yan Sun
MultiClassifier for Car Plate Character Recognition
Ke-Quan Lin, Guo-Qiang Han, Yan Wo, Li-Xuan Zheng and Hao-Wei Yao
Obstacle Avoidance and Path Planning Based on S-Type Double-Arc Insertion Method
Xiao-tong Hu and Chao Zeng
A Tree Image Segmentation Method Based on 2-D OTSU in HSI Color Space
Dianyuan Han and Xinyuan Huang
Image Restoration and Enhancement Based on Tunable Forward-and-Backward Diffusion
Yi Wang and Ruiqing Niu
Video Object Tracking Based on Swarm Optimized Particle Filter
Zhou Hao, Xuejie Zhang, Haiyan Li and Jidong Li
An Image Enhancement Algorithm for River Main-Stream Based on Remote Sensing Data with Wavelet Transform
Lin Han, Yanning Zhang, Hongwei She, Xuegong Liu and Jimin Chen
A Study on Designing Infrared Video Real-Time Processing System Based on TMS320DM642
Hemeng Yang, Zhanhua Huang, Libin Sun and Hao Zhang
SIFT Implementation Based on Parallel Computation
Liang Feng, Tingfa Xu, Qian Huang, Xiaoyan Wang and Ping Wang
Image Quality Assessment Based on DCT and Structural Similarity
Dan Lv, Du-Yan Bi and Yuan Wang
Simulation and Analysis of Vibration Blurred Images
Xiaoyan Wang, Tang Yi, Qiuyan Tang, Liang Feng, Guoqiang Ni and Liwei Zhou
The Self-Adaptive Local Nonlinear Regression Method for Color Reproduction
Yiheng Cai, Meijuan Ma, Shuai Wen, Xinfeng Zhang and Xiaomin Liu
Image Segmentation Based on Cloud Concept Analysis
Kun Qin, Fangfang Wu, Kai Xu and Deyi Li
An Information-Fusion Edge Preserving Method in Image Filtering
Sun Yi, Junwei Han and Jun Lu
SAR Water Image Segmentation Based on GLCM and Wavelet Textures
Min Wang, Shu-dao Zhou, Heng Bai, Ning Ma and Song Ye
Adaptive Feature Selection for Infrared Object Tracking
ShuPeng Wang
A New Algorithm to Approximate Deforming Models Based on Torsion Detection
Shixue Zhang, Guoqiang Wang and Yuanhao Wu
Image Tamper Detection and Recovery Using Dual Watermark
Qiang Song and Hongbin Zhang
A Novel Hybrid Kernel Function Method for Medical Images Based on Level Set
Shi Zhang, Liu Jiang, Lihong Wang and Shichang Liu
Unifying Boundary and Region-Based Information for Fuzzy-Based Active Region Tracking
Canfei Li and Yaonan Wang
Adaptive Image Denoising by a New Thresholding Function
Cai-lian Li, Ji-xiang Sun and Yao-hong Kang
Content-Based Image Retrieval Method and Its Application to Shoeprint Identification
Xuejing Dai
A Rectification Algorithm for Distorted Images from Cone Surface
Chengqing Tang and Xuejing Dai
A Combination Algorithm for Image Denoising and Deblurring
Yiping Xu, Hanlin Chen and Kelong Zheng
Abstraction Moving Objects from H.264 Bit Stream with MAP-MRF
Mingsheng Chen, Guangming Liang, Jixiang Sun, Jian Zhao and Donghua Liu
Improved MB Mode Prediction in Extended Spatial Scalability with Error Resilient Coding
Muhammad Shoaib and Anni Cai
An Adaptive Canny Detector with New Differential Operator
Meng Lv, Hongqi Su and Yuping Li
Multiple Granularities Self-Modified Method Based on MRF for Image Segmentation
Chen Zheng, Yijun Hu, Leiguang Wang and Qianqing Qin
Study on Fuzzy DTCC Method for River Main-Stream Interpretation from Remote Sensing Image
Lin Han, Yanning Zhang, Hongwei She, Xuegong Liu and Liang Chen
A Palm-Print Recognition System Based on OMAP3530
Yuan Cui and Bo-nian Li
Feature Mouth Shapes Extraction Based on Contour of Internal Lips
Yingjie Meng, Yingjie Hu, Haiyan Zhang, Zhaoxia Li and Zhihua Guo
Automatic Detection of Defects in Solar Modules: Image Processing in Detecting
Bei Nian, Zhizhong Fu, Li Wang and Xiaoxuan Cao
An Approach Based on Mean Shift and Background Difference for Moving Object Tracking
Gang Yang, Jun-Sheng Zhao, Chun-Hong Zheng and Fan Yang
Match Information Theory
Xianyang Jiang and Jianhua Lu
A New Region of Interest Based Image Quality Assessment Algorithm
Yanrui Liu, Han Sun, Yinqi Di and Yan Zhou
Calculation of Phase Diagram with MATLAB
Xiaobo Li and Ping Zhang
Atmospheric Correction of MERIS over Turbid Waters Using Aerosol Information from MODIS
Liqiong Chen, Liqiao Tian and Xiaoling Chen
Adaptive Fusion Method of Multi-Focused Image Based on Wavelet Transform
Ting Zhou and Binjie Hu
Research on Restoration Algorithm for Ultrasonic Image
Aiping Wu and Qingqing Fu
An Novel Lane Recognition Algorithm Based on Non Lane Region Growing
Jian Wang, Yuan Zhang, Xiaoying Shi and Nan Hu
Multiresolution Algorithm for Image Segmentation Using MRMRF with Edge Information
Guoying Liu, Tao Guo and Guoying Liu
A Method of Multimedia Data Access Speedup Based on IPSAN
Zaihong He and Yafang Li
Real-Time Defogging Processing of Aerial Images
Xiaoqiang Ji, Yuping Feng, Gang Liu, Ming Dai and Chuanli Yin
Approach to Object-Based Embedded Coding with Optimized Truncation
Dongjie Li, Zhongjie Zhu, Qiaozhen Shi, Zhiyong Duan and Huimin Zhang
A High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensed Imagery Classification Algorithm Using Multiscale Morphological Profiles and SVM
Leiguang Wang, Qinling Dai and Zheng Chen
Nonsubsampled Pyramid Based Adaptive Anisotropic Diffusion Filtering for Infrared Image Denoising
Chao Ni and Liang-zheng Xia
Visual Motion Detecting and Deblurring Based on Mathematical Morphology and Ensemble Learning
Chao Xing, Yanjun Li and Ke Zhang
Efficient Implementation of Image Registration Based on Feature Tracking
Syed Aamir Ali Shah, M. Asif Manzoor, M. Farooq, Arif Ali Shah, Abdul Bais, K. M. Yahya and G. M. Hassan
A Direct Conversion Line Coding Based on the Similar Property of Image Pixels
Guanghui Shang and Weidong Geng
Super-Resolution Using Adaptive Blur Parameter Estimation
Gang Liu, Hong Wang, XiaoQiang Ji and Ming Dai
A Non-Local Means Filter with Translating Invariant Shearlet Feature Descriptors
Xiaohua Zhang, Xiang Sun, Licheng Jiao and Jiawei Chen
Color Image Clutter Metrics for Predicting Human Target Acquisition Performance
Honghua Chang, Jianqi Zhang, Xin Liu, Cui Yang and Qian Li
A New Image Segmentation Method for Individual Tree Recognition Based on Airborne LiDAR Data
Feifei Tang, Xing Liu, Yali Zhang and Zhimin Ruan
Experimental Analysis of Output Phase Properties for the High-Power Q-Switched Slab Nd:YAG Laser
Xiang Zhang and Xiaoxia Zhang
A Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm Based on Optimized Sampling
Shuang Zheng, Weizhong Liu and Wentao Yang
Testing the Verticality of Slow-Axis of the Dual Optical Fiber Based on Image Processing
Ping Zhong and Zhao Jin
Lossless Image Compression Based on Integer Wavelet Transform and Context Prediction
Runhai Jiao
Parallel Estimation of Translation for Video Stabilization
Hong Wang, Gang Liu, Ming Dai and Xun Liu
Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Improved Visual Attention Model and Region Growing
Zhen Hua, Yewei Li and Jinjiang Li
The Study of ROI Detection Based on Visual Attention Mechanism
Qing-hua Chen, Xiao-fang Xie, Tian-jie Guo, Lei Shi and Xiao-fei Wang
A Novel Cross-Section Imaging Method from Three-Dimensional Cardiac Point Cloud with Interpolation Algorithm
Zengguang Wang, Tigang Jiang, Lixue Yin and Chen Zhi
Binarization of Document Images with Complex Background
Chong-yang Zhang and Jing-yu Yang
Accurate Positioning of SPOT Image Using Aerial Sequence Imagery
Shunping Ji
A Thin Cloud Removal Method for Optical Remote Sensing Imagery Based on Spatial Variogram
Chuncheng Zhou, Lingling Ma, Xinhong Wang and Shi Qiu
Adaptive Illumination Correction Considering Ordinal Characteristics
Yihua Shi
Two New Proposed Image Zooming Methods
Jiechao Wang, Zhiwei Li and Min Zhang
Assimilation MODIS and HJ-1 Reflectance Images to Produce NDVI of High Spatial and Temporal Resolution
Wenwen Cai, Jinling Song, Jindi Wang and Zhiqiang Xiao
Detection of Line Features and Types Based on Phase Information
Chuntao Wei, Xiaoyu Cheng, Ping Wu and Cailu Li
Low Dimensional and Easily Interactive Method of 3D Shape from Shading
Qiaosheng Feng, Yunqiong Wang and Jie Tian
Reconstruction of Three Dimensional Object Based on the Light-Section Method
Shicheng Wang, Zeyong Wang, Li Wang and Xiaorong Gao
Finger Vein Feature Extraction Based on Linear Weighting Function Immune Clone Algorithm
Cheng-bo Yu, Zhao-min Zhou, Hong-bing Li and Yan-lin Li
A High Speed VLSI Architecture of SPIHT without Lists for Real-Time Applications
Kai Liu, Jie Lei and YunSong Li
Research on Multi-Source Remote Sensing Image Registration Base on SIFT Algorithm of Window Segmentation
Yun Jiang and Jun Wang
Video Key-Frame-Extraction Based on Block Local Features and Mean Shift Clustering
Bei Lu and Qiuhong Li
Decoding Path Selection for Multi-View Video System
Mei Yu, Renlong He, Gangyi Jiang, Randi Fu and Yigang Wang
An Approach of Content-Based Image Retrieval Based on Image Salient Region
Cheng-Si Wang, Guo-Qiang Han, Yan Wo and Lv-Ming Liu
Image Registration Using Dynamic Log-Polar Transformation
Kui Zhang, Xiaolong Zhang, Li Chen and Min Jiang
The Mathematical Programming Problem of Total Variation Image Denoising Model
Bao-cheng Wan, Tian-e Wang and Tian-tian Zhou
An Efficient Braille Cells Recognition
AbdulMalik S. Al-Salman, Ali El-Zaart, Yousef Al-Suhaibani, Khaled Al-Hokail and AbdulAziz O. Al-Qabbany
Research of Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Based on Computer Vision
Jian Wang, Defeng Chen and Tuan Zhao
A New Method of CRInSAR and PSInSAR Combined Calculation
Xuemin Xing, Jianjun Zhu, Yongzhe Wang and Yafu Yang
Multiple Likelihoods and State Noises Based Particle Filter for Long-Lived Full Occlusion Handling
Chengjiao Guo, Ying Lu, Xiangzhong Fang and Takeshi Ikenaga
A Wavelet-Domain Watermarking Algorithm against Geometric Attacks Based on SUSAN Feature Points
Lv-Ming Liu, Guo-Qiang Han, Yan Wo and Cheng-Si Wang
Medical Image Registration Based on JS Measure and Niche Chaotic Mutation Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization
Hua Li, Yu Zhang and Anna Wang
A Novel Random Sampling Method for Radar Image Compression
Liang Zhang, Ming-Sheng Chen, Lei Xu and Xian-Liang Wu
Improving MODIS Land Cover Classification Using NDVI Time-Series and Support Vector Machine in the Poyang Lake Basin, China
Chun Ye, Yuanbo Liu, Jian Peng, Ping Song and Dongbo Zhao
Low Complexity Homography Matrix Based SIFT for Real-Time 2D Rigid Object Tracking
Ying Lu, Chengjiao Guo, Jingbang Qiu, Peilin Liu and Takeshi Ikenaga
Temporal Influences on Thresholding for Satellite Retrieval of Water Surface Areas: A Case in the Poyang Lake, China
Ping Song, Yuanbo Liu, Jian Peng, Chun Ye and Dongbo Zhao
Computational Symbolic Approach to Constitutive Theory of Anisotropic Viscoelastic Fluid 〞 Rheology of Liquid Crystalline Polymer
Shifang Han
Moving Object Detection Using an In-Vehicle Fish-Eye Camera
Hongfei Yu, Wei Liu, Shaomin Zhang, Huai Yuan and Hong Zhao
Estimating Evapotranspiration Using Triangle Method with Topographic Correction from MODIS Data in Taihu Basin, China
Xiaosong Zhao, Yuanbo Liu, Dongbo Zhao and Jian Peng
Coseismic Deformation of 2009 L'Aquila, Italy Earthquake Derived from Ascending and Descending ENVISAT/ASAR Images
Yongzhe Wang, Ziqiang Ou, Jianjun Zhu, Xiaoyan Dong, Xuemin Xing and Yafu Yang
Automatic Modeling Algorithm Research and Application of Complex Structural Geology in Three-Dimensional Space
Juan Peng, Jianping Hu and Hualin Dai
SAR and Multi-Spectral Images Fusion Based on Contourlet and HIS Transform
Dengshan Huang and Minhua Yang
Blocked Polynomial Deterministic Matrix for Compressed Sensing
Xiaobo Li, Ruizhen Zhao and Shaohai Hu
Low Complexity Mode Depended Local Adaptive Interpolation Filter for Next Generation Video Coding
Jin Zhou, Shinichi Sakaida and Takeshi Ikenaga
Changes of Hongze Lake Wetlands in the past Three Decades
Renzong Ruan and Li Zhang
Location Based Services
Speed Measurement and Error Simulation for Three Stations Linear Array with Very Short Baseline
Yu Tao
Research on Above Ground Marker System of Pipeline Internal Inspection Instrument Based on Geophone Array
Xiao Wu, Antao Xu, Yunkui Xiao, Bin Zhou, Guojun Wang and Ruili Zeng
The MPPE Criterion for Estimating Position Error Size of CI Based Method
Tao Fu, Benxiong Huang, Yijun Mo and Jing Jin
Transformed Space Sampling Particle Filtering Algorithm for Single Site Passive Localization
Zheng Bin Yang, Qi Huang, Qi Zhou and Yong Kang
Designing of a Telematic Network to Provide Real-Time Supervision and Control for Tactical Units
Jose Bolivar, Kai Liu and Eliecer Hernandez
Method of Locating Ellipse Center for Image Measurement Based on the Maximum Inscribed Circle
Ning Gao, Meng Zhu, Xianxi Ma and Li Peng
Communications Reliability Analysis of HF Air-to-Ground
Yunjiang Liu, Man Li and Wen Wu
A Ultra-Wideband Location Algorithm Based on Neural Network
Dong Jie, Xue-rong Cui, Hao Zhang and Guo-yu Wang
Distributed Growing Radial Basis Function Neural Networks for Location Estimation in Indoor Wireless Networks
Vinod Kumar Jain, Shashikala Tapaswi and Anupam Shukla
A Two-Step IR-UWB TOA Estimation Method Based on Two-Bit ADC
Fei Sun, Huarui Yin and Weidong Wang
Summary of Network RTK Reference Station Ambiguity Determination
Si-wei Li, Yan Wang and Yun Han
Error-Reduced Positioning Algorithm on the Uneven Floor
Se Hyung Cho, Jae Ho Hwang, Dae Geun Hwang and Jae Moung Kim
Design of a Smart Information Diffusion Service for Museums Using RFID-Based Location System
Fr谷d谷ric Weis, Paul Couderc, Sylvain Roche and Minh Tuan Ho
TDOA Mobile Location Based on Kalman Filter in CDMA2000 Cellular Networks
Weiguo Guan, Zhongliang Deng, Yuetao Ge and Dejun Zou
Multimedia in Wireless Networks
Design and Implementation of Reed-Solomon Encoder in CMMB System
Zefu Tan, Hong Xie, Guangjie Wu and Mingxia Liao
Cooperative Relay Multicast Technology in Cellular Mobile System and Algorithm Design for Multicast Tree
Cheng-gang Wang and Zi-zhen Wang
Highlight Based Adaptive Transmission in Internet Broadcasting of Soccer Video
Shenghong Hu, Yufu Jia and Shenglong Tan
Cross-Layer Design for Video Stream Transmission in the Mobile Environment
Zheng Wang, Huifang Chen, Lei Xie and Kuang Wang
Design and Implementation for CMMB Demultiplex Based on Finite Automaton
Guoping Lei, Haibao Wang, Minlu Dai, Hong Xie and Tingting Wu
A Software Defined Radio Scheme for the Hierarchical Modulation Based Multimedia Broadcast System Using USRP
Haijiao Chang, Hao Jin, Xing Zhang, Dong Liang, Mugen Peng and Wenbo Wang
A 3G Video Phone Solution of Improving Synchronization between Audio and Video
Yongqing Gao, Dan Shang and Yucai Ping
Collaborative Image Transmission Based on Shape Matching over WMSN in Field of Monitoring
Wen Zhang, Xinyu Jin and Yu Zhang
Scalable Video Coding Transmission System with Error Correction of High-Resolution Multi-View Stereo Video with LDPC
Zhigang Jin, Ximan Zhao and Jia Wang
Attemper Arithmetic of Heterogeneous Wireless Network Classification Queue Basing on Multimedium Operation Division Service
Wei Wu, Qian Peng, Benxiong Huang, Yijun Mo, Tao Wang and Wei Li
Comparison of Several Demodulation Algorithms about Hierarchical Modulation in Broadcast Communications
Jianbo Long, Hao Jin, Dong Liang, Xing Zhang, Mugeng Peng and Wenbo Wang
The Quality Optimization of Wireless Video Based on MAC Model
Guo Chang and Liu Yong
VoIP Capacity Analysis in Cognitive Radio System with Single/Multiple Channels
Zengguang Wang, Tigang Jiang, Liqiang Jiang and Xiangjun He
The Design and Implementation of Multimedia Conference Mobile Terminal Application
Jingjing Ha, Yanlei Shang, Junliang Chen and Gang Tan
Providing Efficient P2P VoD Service with Priority Based Scheduling
Jun Chen, Xu Du, Wengqing Cheng and Jing Xu
A New Data Scheduling Scheme for P2P Streaming in Mobile Networks
Nana He, Hailun Xia, Zhimin Zeng and Ning Wang
Performance Gains of Network Coding in Evolved 3G Mobile Network for MBMS
Wei Cui and Yu Shang
Cross-Layer Optimization of Scalable Multimedia Stream over WLAN
Meilian Lu and Wei Wang
Ad Hoc and Mesh Networks
The Trust-Based MAC - Layer Security Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
A. Rajaram and S. Palaniswami
ZRP versus AODV and DSR: A Comprehensive Study on ZRP Performance Using QualNet Simulator
Mankanala SreeRangaRaju and Jitendranath Mungara
The Research on the Factors Affecting Network Bandwidth in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Da-peng Wu, Ru-yan Wang and Sheng Huang
Practical Defense against WEP and WPA-PSK Attack for WLAN
Ying Wang, Zhigang Jin and Ximan Zhao
Improved Fair Scheduling Mechanism in Distributed WiMAX Mesh Networks
Zhengbing Zhang and Liang Yu
A Fair Centralized Scheduling Algorithm Based on Traffic Demand for IEEE 802.16 Mesh Networks
Bin Wang and Zhigang Jin
Shadow Queue Based Fair Scheduling in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
Jian Xu, Ming Guo, Ming Xu and Xin Lin
A Hybrid Routing Protocol for Hierarchy Wireless Mesh Networks
Liqiang Zhao, Zhi Yu, Jingwen Niu, Hailin Zhang and Wei Ding
A Reliable Multicast for MANETs Based on Opportunistic Routing
WenZhong Yang, ZhenYu Zhang, Bo Wang and XiaoHong Wu
A Fault Diagnosis Method in Satellite Networks
Wenbo Zhang and Qian Dong
An Optimized Method for Minimum MPRs Selection Based on Node Density
Yunfei Bai, Yuan'an Liu and Dongming Yuan
A New Model for Advertisement Dissemination in Ad hoc Networks
Zhong Wang, Yuee Li, Jing Zhu and Xingxiang Duo
A Wireless Mesh Network Secure Access Method Based on Identity-Based Signature
Ze Wang, Yajuan Xing, Qi Wang and Wenju Liu
The Minimal Delay Path and Its Evolving Properties in Intermittently Connected Mobile Networks
Qingsong Cai and Jianwei Niu
On the Effectiveness of Opportunistic Routing over Wireless Mesh Networks
Haisheng Wu, Guijin Wang and Xinggang Lin
Graph Method Based Clustering Strategy for Femtocell Interference Management and Spectrum Efficiency Improvement
Hongjia Li, Xiaodong Xu, Dan Hu, Xiqiang Qu, Xiaofeng Tao and Ping Zhang
TAPH: An Adjustable Planar Structure for Topology Control in Heterogeneous Wireless Ad Hoc Network
Lei Chen, Mei Rong and Guangquan Zhang
Cooperative Communications with Multiple Sources and Relays in Ad-Hoc Networks
Peng Huo, Lei Cao and Esam Obiedat
Service Communities for the Convergence of Wide Area and Wireless Personal Area Networks
Lei Zhang, Chuyuan Wei and Hui Tian
The Construction of Ad Hoc Networks Based on OMAP3530-Mini Development Board
Shijiao Zhang, Pinyi Ren and Wenquan Hu
Research on Subjective Trust Routing Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Wei Guo, Ren-Zuo Xu and Bin Liu
Research on Video Dynamic Recompression Based on Hierarchical Ad Hoc Network
Xiaoyu Zhang, Gang Zhang, Jianwei Liu and Chungui Liu
Review of the Cross-Layer Design in Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
Xiongwei Ren and Jianqiang Zhang
Enhanced RTS/CTS Scheme in Error-Prone WLAN Channel
Xiangyu Peng, Letian Jiang and Guozhi Xu
Uplink Performance Evaluation of Wireless Self-Backhauling Relay in LTE-Advanced
Jing Han and Haiming Wang
Testbed for Multi-Hop Ad hoc Network in IEEE 802.11 Wireless Environment
Xiang Zhang, Wenyong Wang and Lisheng Huang
Cluster Cache Based K-Hop Clustered MANET Routing Protocol
Yong Li and Ping Wang
Research on QoS of Streams with Different Parameters in Wireless Network
Yuling Wang, Shaopeng Guan, Wenyan Sun and Xing Chen
Research and Improvement of AODV Protocol in Ad Hoc Network
Wen-Cheng Jiao, Jing Peng and Jian-Ling Zheng
PTI Channel Assignment Algorithm for Multi-Radio Multi-Channel Wireless Mesh Networks
Dongcheng Jin, Ke Wang and Linhan Feng
Agent-Based Trusted On-Demand Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
Islam Tharwat A. Halim, Hossam M. A. Fahmy, Ayman M. Bahaa El-Din and Mohamed H. El-Shafey
Behavioral Modeling for Public Safety Communication in Wireless Mesh Networking
Qian Wei, Jingsha He and Xing Zhang
A Landmark Aware Content Searching Scheme in Opportunistic Networks
Yazhi Liu, Jianwei Niu and Jian Ma
Simulation Study of TCP Performance over Multi-Hop Ad Hoc Networks
Lei Cao, Jinjing Tao, Hang Shen and Guangwei Bai
Loop-Based Clustering Routing (LBCR) in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Unidirectional Links
Guikai Liu, Qian Deng and Hongjiang Wang
A Resource Discovery Algorithm Based on Mobile Ad hoc Network and Its Implementation
Li Liu and Yu Liu
Challenges and Experiences of Building Multimedia Transmission Testbeds in Wireless Mesh Network
Chungui Liu, Yantai Shu, Jianguo Wang, Zenghua Zhao and Gang Zhang
Cross-Layer Routing Optimization for Video Transmission over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Zheng Wu and Jiankang Wu
Impact of Mobility-Adaptive Mechanisms on Stability-Orient Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Xi Hu, J. K. Wang, C. R. Wang and Y. T. Wei
Optimization Strategy for Mobile Ad Hoc Network Based on AODV Routing Protocol
Yuanzhou Li and Weihua Hu
Capacity Regions for General Ad Hoc Networks
Xudong Li and Wen Zhu
A New Recommendation Trusted Model for Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Yaping Chi, Ronglei Hu, Yong Fang and Ran Li
Cross-Layer Design for Packetized Video Communications over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Zheng Wu and Jiankang Wu
Sleep Based Topology Control: Based on the Distributed Learning Automata
Mina Shirali, Mohammad Reza Meybodi and Nasrin Shirali
Throughput and Reliability Analysis of Information Broadcasting Protocol in VANETs
Hongfei Liu, Zhongjun Yuan, Tao Wang, Lijun Li and Fu Zhang
The Wisdom Network
Xianwei Zhou, Jiahui Hu, Lin Lin and Rui Zhang
Modeling of Heterogeneous Multidimensional ADHOC
Wei Wu, Lusheng Yan, Benxiong Huang, Yijun Mo and Hai Hu
Energy Efficient Transmission in Wireless Sensor Network for Heavy Haul Railway Transportation
Minming Ni and Zhangdui Zhong
Performance Analysis of Distributed Coordinated Scheduling in IEEE 802.16 Mesh Mode
Xiaokun Fan and Jing Liu
Securing Wireless Mesh Network with MSA-Based Proactive Defense Mechanism
Qiang Zhai, Jun Ying, Junyan Li, Ping Yi and Ning Liu
Distributed PCI Assignment in LTE Based on Consultation Mechanism
Yanguang Liu, Wenjing Li, Heng Zhang and Likun Yu
Dynamic Simulation and Research of Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
Song Li, Zhengjun Huang and Zhiyuan Zeng
A New Interference-Delay Aware Routing Metric for Multi-Interface Wireless Mesh Networks
Qiming Tian
TPSR: Transmission Power Based Source Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Unidirectional Links
Jun Jie Piao and Tae Mu Chang
A Cross-Layer Scheme for Access Point Selection in Wireless Mesh Networks
Pin Lv, Yingwen Chen, Wei Xiao and Ming Xu
A QoS Routing Algorithm Based on Culture-Particle Swarm Optimization in Wireless Mesh Networks
Xuemei Sun, Chunqing Li and Mingwei Zhang
A Wireless Self-Organizing and Multi-Hop Network for Intelligent Home System
Ping Ren
Performance Modeling and Analysis of IEEE 802.11 MAC Protocol in Multihop Ad Hoc Networks
Yongkang Xiao and Xunhe Yin
A Prioritized Resource Scheduling Scheme for Throughput-Sensitive Applications in VANET
Nan Cheng, Ning Lu, Kai Liu, Xinhong Wang and Fuqiang Liu
A Delay-Aware Routing Metric for Multi-Radio Multi-Channel Wireless Mesh Networks
Jing Xu, Wei Liu, Zongkai Yang, Jun Chen and Xiaohui Chen
Spread Spectrum Mesh Communication System Using Orthogonal Huffman Sequences
Yoshihiro Tanada and Kiminori Sato
Congestion Based Opportunistic Packet Scheduling Algorithm with Variable Size Packets Support in Ad Hoc Networks
Hailun Xia and Zhimin Zeng
Task Assignment for Multi-UAV Using Contract Net Based on Filter Model
TongShun Fan and Zheng Qin
A Novel Load-Balancing Algorithm for QoS Provisionings over 802.11s Wireless Mesh Networks
Jian-bo Zhong, Rui-min Hu and Xiang-lin Zhu
Online Power Adaption for Energy Efficiency in Cognitive Radio Networks
Xingkun Xu, Ying Gao, Wenjun Xu and Jiaru Lin
Power Allocation in Cooperative Communication System Based on Coalitional Game
Dan Wu and Yueming Cai
Topology Control Scheduling: Based on the Distributed Learning Automata
Mina Shirali, Mohammad Reza Meybodi and Hamid Daneshvar Tarigh
Reliable and Distributed Power Optimized Routing in Multihop Cooperative Networks
Zahra Mobini, Saadan Zokaei and MohammadAli Mohammadi
An Anomaly Detection System Based on Hide Markov Model for MANET
Xia Ye, Junshan Li and Yanling Li
An Entropy-Based Stability QoS Routing with Priority Scheduler in MANET
ChunHua Xia
Wireless Sensor Networks
Localizing Stationary Target in Distributed Network Environment
Zemin Wu, Zhenglun Qiu and Shujie Ren
An Energy Efficient Cross-Layer Clustering Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network
Leishu Dong, Xiangdong Wang and Shujiang Li
Spatial Correlation-Based Distributed Compressed Sensing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Haifeng Hu and Zhen Yang
Spectrum Sensing Gain Analysis in Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks
Dian-Wu Yue, Qian Wang and Francis C. M. Lau
Diagonal Loading for STAP and Its Performance Analysis
Xiaojun Liu, Congfeng Liu and Guisheng Liao
User Authentication Scheme for Sensor Networks
Xiaoming Wang and Guoxiang Yao
Robust Covariance Matrix Estimation for STAP via Unscented Transformation
Jie Yang
An ID-Based Pairwise Key Predistribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
Li-Ping Zhang and Yi Wang
QoS Guaranteed Architecture for Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks
Kai Xiang, Yuanyuan Zeng and Baolin Sun
Security Verification of Location Estimate in Wireless Sensor Networks
Chunxia Li, Fa Chen, Yongzhao Zhan and Liangmin Wang
Algorithm of Data Compression Based on Multiple Principal Component Analysis over the WSN
Fenxiong Chen, Fei Wen and Hongdong Jia
Indoor Energy Load-Balanced Wireless Sensor Networks Routing
Weiren Shi, He Huang, Lei Xu and Mingmeng Yan
A CSMA/CA-Based MAC Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Networks
Dong Fang, Yu Li, Haining Huang and Li Yin
TinyMulle: A Low-Power Platform for Demanding WSN Applications
Fan Zhang, Wenfeng Li, Jens Eliasson, Laurynas Riliskis and Henrik M?kitaavola
Mobile Anchor Assisted Node Localization in Sensor Networks Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
Lei Xu, Huimin Zhang and Weiren Shi
A Cluster-Based Localization Method Using RSSI for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Chen Zhong, Jens Eliasson, Henrik M?kitaavola and Fan Zhang
System Implementation of Pushing DATA to Handheld Devices via Bluetooth High Speed Specification, Version 3.0 + HS
Balasundaram Subbusundaram and Priyadarshan Jawaharlal
Study on Refined Deployment of Wireless Mesh Sensor Network
Jing Fan, Shi-tang Yin, Qiong Wu, Fei Gao and Jing Fan
A Geo-Information Data Transmission Method in Socket-Based Mobile Device
Kai Wang, Ning Shu, Lei Li and Fenghua Lv
Robust Fault Tolerant Controller Design for Uncertain Networked Control Systems with Fast-Varying Delay and Packet-Dropout
Nan Xie and Bin Xia
An Energy Consumption Balanced Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network
Jian-guang Jia, Zun-wen He, Jing-ming Kuang and Yu-hang Mu
A Mixed D.C.S. Localization Algorithm for WSN
Tingting Zhang, Jinming Yu, Suping Yu and Yinghua Xie
Microwave Propagation Based on Multi-Service Application in Power Plant
Wenxing Wang and Gai-feng Lu
The Research on Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network Based on muC/OS-II Operating System
Rencheng Jin, Fei Zhao, Lisha Meng, Zhenqing Chen, Teng Gao and Liding Wang
Low-Power Low-Cost Implementation of IEEE 802.15.4 in WiSN SoC Design
Ao Luo, Shouyi Yin, Leibo Liu, Renyan Zhou and Shaojun Wei
Self-Deployment Algorithm of Mobile Sensor Network Based on Uniform Density Cluster
Li Tan, Chong-chong Yu and Minghua Yang
A Two-Level Range-Free Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Linqing Gui, Anne Wei and Thierry Val
RBPC: A Scalable Routing Protocol for Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks
Binbin Hao and Changle Li
Location Independent Coverage Control Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Nan每nan Dong, Xiu每li Ren and Chuan每liang Jiao
Improvement of DV-Hop Localization Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks
Ying Dai, Jianping Wang and Chongwei Zhang
Application on Target Localization Based on Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Yuanyuan Wei and Jinjie Yao
Weighted Least Square Source Localization Theory in an Underwater Wireless Sensor Array Network
Xing Shi and Yan Ma
Design of Subsidence Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks
Bin Zhu and Kai Xia
An Efficient Scheme to Defend against DoS Attack for WSN Based on IBE Algorithm
Hongbing Cheng and Bichen Chen
A Reliable and Efficient Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Fuzzy Petri Nets
Xiao Fu and Zhenhua Yu
A Human Behavior-Based Routing Protocol in E-Care System
Hongwei Huo and Youzhi Xu
A Novel Fine Synchronization Method for Dirty Template UWB Timing Acquisition
Rshdee Alhakim, Kosai Raoof and Emmanuel Simeu
Investigating the Potential of LPS in Structural Health Monitoring
Fabio Casciati and LiJun Wu
Classic Efficient-Energy MAC Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
Haiyang Zhang
A Finite-State Markov Model for Reliability Evaluation of Industrial Wireless Network
Quan Wang and Ping Wang
Spatial Correlation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Xin Xu and Wei Wang
Frequency Division Multiplexing Wireless Connection
Sara Casciati, Lucia Faravelli and ZhiCong Chen
BP Localization Algorithm Based on Virtual Nodes in Wireless Sensor Network
Runjie Liu, Kai Sun and Jinyuan Shen
Monitoring Bolt Stress for Cut Slope Based on Wireless Sensor Network
Xinjian Tang, Dan Qi, Tao Sun, Jun Wu and Xiangguo Yang
Delay-Aware Routing in Low Duty-Cycle Wireless Sensor Networks
Guodong Sun and Bin Xu
A Temperature Acquisition Platform for Building Special Envelope Based on Wireless Sensor Networks
Zhengya He, Qiansheng Fang and Xiaolong Wang
LQATC: Link Quality Assured Topology Control Algorithm in Sensor Networks
Liang He, Boyang Yu and Jingdong Xu
An Effective Data Aggregation Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks
Peiman Ghaffariyan
Stochastic Delay Bound in Sink-Tree Networks
Yiping Deng, Fengyuan Ren and Chuang Lin
State Feedback Control with Time-Delay Independent for a Class of Switched Linear System
Shuai Li and Shouming Zhong
Analysis of Key Technologies for Cognitive Radio Based Wireless Sensor Networks
Jian-guang Jia, Zun-wen He, Jing-ming Kuang and Hui-Fen Wang
An Active-gm-RC Structured CMOS Analog Filter with Time Constant Auto-Tuning
Xiangning Fan, Lei Zhang and Chisheng Zhu
Pairing-Based Dynamic Threshold Secret Sharing Scheme
Ye Huang and Geng Yang
Multiple-Path Redundancy Secret Anonymous Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Zhiming Zhang, Changgen Jiang and Jiangang Deng
A Monitoring System of Photovoltaic Array Based on ZigBee Technology
Zhengming Li, Kang Liao, Yanli Cai and Tianhong Pan
Design and Deployment of Bridge Structural Health Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensor Network
Zhuo Liu, Bingwen Wang and Wenjun Yang
Expected Transmission Energy Routing Metric for Wireless Mesh Senor Network
HuiJun Miao, YanLiang Jin, Quan Ge and Yun He
Optimal Networked Filtering with Out-of-Sequence Measurements for the Linear Time Invariant System
Quanbo Ge and Tingliang Xu
An Energy Efficient Backoff Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Jun Wang, Yontao Cao, Junyuan Xie and Zhengkun Mi
Pairing-Based Key Management Scheme for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks
Kuiwu Yang, Kangfeng Zheng, Yixian Yang and Shize Guo
Adaptive Service Framework Based on Grey Decision-Making in the Internet of Things
Jianhua Liu and Weiqin Tong
A Scalable Key Predistribution Scheme Based on Combinatorial Designs
Wangke Yu, Wenping Ma and Shuhua Wang
Network Management in WirelessHART Network for Industry Application
Yun Zuo, Zhihao Ling and Luming Liu
An Inter-Cluster Gateway-Based Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol
Weiren Shi, Mingmeng Yan, He Huang and Lei Xu
Research on the Localization of Sensor Network Based on the Improved Two-Hop Centroid-Based Algorithm
Suisheng Chen
Network Coded Multicast Retransmission Scheme Based on Opportunistic Relaying
Qiang Feng, Hongyi Yu, Bo Yang and Xiaomei Wang
Consumed Energy as a Factor for Cluster Head Selection in Wireless Sensor Networks
Desalegn Getachew Melese, Huagang Xiong and Qiang Gao
A Throughput-Adaptive MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Luo Zuo, Danpu Liu, Yan Ma and Huarui Wu
An Energy-Efficient Cluster-Based Data Gathering Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Bo Chang and Xinrong Zhang
A Fully Integrated Double Frequency Wide Tuning Range Differential CMOS LC VCO for 2.4GHz IEEE802.15.4/ZigBee
Xiangning Fan, Jun Zeng, Bin Li, Weiwei Zhu and Xiaoguang Chen
Smart Wireless Video Sensor Network for Fire Alarm
Qiulin Li, Qun Hao and Kai Zhang
Energy-Efficient Node Selection for Acoustic Source Localization in Wireless Sensor Network
Junjuan Qian, Xinyu Jin and Yu Zhang
An Improved Auction Scheme for Task Allocation in Wireless Sensor Network
Yukun Li, Zhipeng Gao, Yang Yang, Qijian Xu and Xuesong Qiu
Application Specific Analysis of MAC Layer Protocols Used in Wireless Sensor Networks
Muhammad Haneef and Zhongliang Deng
The Home Security System Based on ZigBee Technology
Cai Li and Dai Nina
Multi Layer Based Cluster MAC Protocol for Dense Wireless Sensor Network
Ji Hwan Moon and Tae mu Chang
A Load Balancing Data Gathering Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Sinks
Lin Lin, Shu Yan and Yi Nian
A Data Fusion Algorithm in Leach Protocol Using Gauss Membership Function
Wei-Qi Chen and Bin-Jie Hu
A Multi-Path Routing Protocol for Target Tracking in WMSNs
Nan Song, Xinyu Jin and Yu Zhang
A Camera Angle Based Image Background Subtraction Strategy for WMSNs Target Tracking
Shengjiang Zhao, Xinyu Jin and Yu Zhang
A Normal Distribution Encoding Algorithm for Slowly-Varying Data Compression in Wireless Sensor Networks
Xuejun Ren and Dingyi Fang
A Improved Base Station Cooperative Mobile Strategy for WSN with Finite Powered Cluster Heads
Bin Yan, Xia Wu and Xiaojia Zhou
An Attack-Resistant Localization Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
Jia Zhang, Zhou Yu, Haiyan Zhang and Yanchang Liu
An Identity and Attribute-Based Key Agreement Scheme for Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks
Xiaojing Fu, Guoyin Zhang and Chunguang Ma
Group Based Epidemic Routing for Delay and Tolerant Networks
Ruitao Zhou, Yuanda Cao, Jun Jin and Dongfeng Zhu
Source-Location Privacy Based on Directed Greedy Walk in Wireless Sensor Networks
Jianbo Yao
The Research and Application of Environmental Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensor Technology
Junwu Xiao, Yi Zhang and Wanhua Wei
Using Energy Cost for QoS Multicast Routing in Wireless Sensor Network
Qi Zhang and Haijun Xiong
SmartCQL: Semantics to Handle Complex Queries over Data Streams
E. Seshadri, Shashikala Tapaswi and Manisha Pattanaik
A Loss Tomography Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Gibbs Sampling
Yu Yang, Zhulin An, Yongjun Xu and Xiaowei Li
Efficient Time Synchronization for Wireless Sensor Networks
Liming He
Integrated Time Synchronization for Wireless Sensor Networks
Liming He
Efficient Multi-Path Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Liming He
Cooperative Routing in Multi-Hop Networks over Nakagamim Channels
A. Taheri and B. Abolhassani
DE-ASS: An Adaptive MAC Algorithm Based on Mobility Evaluation for Wireless Sensor Networks
Dalong Zhang, Qing Li, Xiaoyi Zhang and Xiaomei Wang
Throughput Estimation for Singleton Video Streaming Application over Wireless Sensor Network
S. Guo and T. D. C. Little
A Game Theory Approach for Optimal Routing: In Wireless Sensor Networks
Babak Arisian and Kourosh Eshghi
A Weather-Condition Prediction Algorithm for Solar-Powered Wireless Sensor Nodes
Zhaoting Jiang, Xinyu Jin and Yu Zhang
An Coalition-Based Method of Multi-Nodes Collaboration in Wireless Sensor Network
Zhili Guan, Zhipeng Gao, Yang Yang, Hao Guo and Xuesong Qiu
ARQ Protocols for Two-Way Relay Systems
Zhenyuan Chen, Chao Zhang, Jun Zhang and Guo Wei
Research and Implementation of WSN in Fire Safety Applications
Shixing Liu, Wujun Xie and Yongming Zhang
OsnWeb: Sensor Web of OceanSense
Zongke Jin, Feng Hong, Hongwei Chu, Tijiang Shan and Zhongwen Guo
LEACH-B: An Improved LEACH Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
Mu Tong and Minghao Tang
Study and Simulation of GTS Allocation in Beacon Enabled IEEE 802.15.4
Shurui Fan, Jie Li and Hexu Sun
Upper Delay Bound Research about LR-PANs Network Based on Network Calculus
Shurui Fan, Yanfei Zhao and Hexu Sun
An Improved DV-Hop Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Xirong Bao, Fupeng Bao, Shi Zhang and Lei Liu
Research of Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Device
Shaoyong Zhang
WHHT: A Wireless Sensor Network for Heavy Haul Transportation
Jiaying Song, Zhangdui Zhong and Xu Li
Design and Realization of Wireless Sensor Network for Vegetable Greenhouse Information Acquisition
Yong Huang
Research of the Network Manager for WIA-PA
Yunjie Zhang, Xiaotong Zhang, Qin Wang and Yadong Wan
Virtual MISO Based Energy-Efficient Broadcasting in Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks
Xi-biao Cai, Hong-kui Cao, Ling Yu and Fang-lin Niu
The Multi-Objective Routing Optimization of WSNs Based on an Improved Ant Colony Algorithm
Xu Wei and Li Zhi
Research on the Performance of MISO Cooperative Routing Strategy Based on Channel Characteristics
Na Li, Dandan Huang, Ou Li and Baiwei Yang
Active Defense Model of Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Evolutionary Game Theory
Yihui Qiu, Zhide Chen and Li Xu
Multiple Ant Colony Routing Optimization Based on Cloud Model for WSN with Long-Chain Structure
Yongli Zhu, Junyan Zhang, Lifen Li and Wei Peng
Throughput Improvement of Collision Avoidance in Wireless Sensor Networks
C. Jandaeng, W. Suntiamontut and Nittida Elz
On-Demand Location Service for Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Sinks
Heng Chen, Depei Qian and Weiguo Wu
Building a Quasi Regular Network from Randomly Distributed Wireless Sensor Network
Zhi Liu and Zheng-ding Qiu
Energy Efficient Information-Driven Target Location Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Hossein Khonsari and Mohammad Hossein Kahaei
Swarm Intelligence每Inspired Adaptive Routing Construction in WSN
Huang Ru and Guanghui Xu
Research on the Distributed Power Control Algorithm for RFID Readers
Hongyue Dai and Hongyue Dai
Tree-Adapting: An Adaptive Data Aggregation Method for Wireless Sensor Networks
Jun-hu Zhang, Hui Peng and Tian-tian Yin
Pass-Over Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks
Chang Wu Yu, Chiming Huang, Rei-Heng Cheng and Tung-Kuang Wu
The Research of Coal Mine Security Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensors Network
Yan Chen and Nan-nan Song
Analysis and Optimization of Timeslot Assignment in Mesh Wireless Sensor Network
Qian Dong and Jin-dong Zhao
A Novel Chain-Cluster Based Routing Protocol for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
Tian Ying and Ou Yang
Analysis of Human Impedance and Channel Propagation Characteristics in Body Area Network
Fangming Ruan, Feng Zhou, Liang Wu and Xiaolu Wang
Media Access Control
A Anti-Collision Algorithm Based on Collision Bit Position and Splitting
Yu Bai, Xiu-Wei Xuan, Jian-Fu Teng and Li-Yi Zhang
Gene Expression Programming Model for Determining Location in Wireless LANs
Yongxiang Zhao, Huaibei Zhou and Meifang Li
WiTracker: An Indoor Positioning System Based on Wireless LANs
Yongxiang Zhao, Huaibei Zhou and Meifang Li
Design for Exhibition System Based on RFID
Wenming Guo, Lihong Liang and Chen Chen
Frequency Domain DOA Estimation and Tracking of UWB Signals
FuCheng Cao and MinJing Li
WLAN MAC Layer Prediction/Collision Avoidance Mechanism Based on Service Attribute and Cross-Layer Control
Gui-gen Zeng, Shuang Wu and Bao-yu Zheng
A RFID Explicit Tag Estimation Scheme for Dynamic Framed-Slot ALOHA Anti-Collision
Prapassara Pupunwiwat and Bela Stantic
Intelligent High-Level RFID Event Transformation Utilising Non-Monotonic Reasoning
Peter Darcy, Bela Stantic and Abdul Sattar
A Fast Q Algorithm Based on EPC Generation-2 RFID Protocol
Jianfu Teng, Xiuwei Xuan and Yu Bai
Mobile Sensor Approach to Location-Based Services
Alex Aved, Kien A. Hua and Antoniya Petkova
Cognitive Networking for Wireless Mesh Networks Using Swarm Intelligence
Jin Zhang, Lang Xie and Jie Xiang
A RFID Anti-Collision Algorithm Based on Distributed Power Control
Yu Bai, Xiu-Wei Xuan, Jian-Fu Teng and Li-Yi Zhang
A New Path Explore of City's Digit Management
Kailiang Wang and Dirong Cao
A Fully Integrated SiGe BiCMOS Power Amplifier for 2.4GHz Wireless-LAN Application
Ying Ruan, Lei Chen, Liang Tian, Yan-hua Liu and Zong-sheng Lai
Prediction of Passive UHF RFID's Discrimination Based on LVQ Neural Network Method
Bing Li, Yigang He, Kai She, Zhouguo Hou, Yanqing Zhu, Bing Li and Fengming Guo
Cross-Layer Optimization for WiMAX Systems
Li Zhe and Gong Ting
A New Circuit Modeling Methodology for RFID Antennas with Vector Fitting Technique
Wang Ren
Minimize the Secret Storage - A New Economical Scheme for Identifying Low-Cost RFID Tags
Tong-liang Li, Zhi-gang Jin and Xiao-kun Si
A 5.8GHz Microstrip Antenna Array Using Hemline-Fed Elements
Jingyin Liu and Hui Zhu
An Adaptive Backoff Algorithm for IEEE 802.11 DCF with Cross-Layer Optimization
Qian Wang and Dongfeng Yuan
The Design of RFID Based Inspection System for Power Telecommunication Networks
Ye Jiang and Feng Qi
A Novel UWB System with CSS BOK Technique
Fanyu Meng, Xuemai Gu and Qing Guo
SPICE Library for Low-Cost RFID Applications Based on Pentacene Organic FET
Shu Shen, Riccardo Tinivella, Marco Pirola, Giovanni Ghione and Vittorio Camarchia
Data Privacy Management in a Multi-Organizational RFID Authentication
Imran A. Jokhio, Sana H. Arisar and Jie Xu
A Compact LTCC Balun for Bluetooth/WLAN Application
Lifa Wang, Ruixia Yang and Jingfeng Wu
Effect of Node Mobility and Network Dimension to the Zigbee Routing Method
Jiasong Mu and Kaihua Liu
An Efficient Indoor Location Algorithm Based on RFID Technology
Weiguang Shi, Kaihua Liu, Ying Ju and Ge Yan
Network Protocol and Congestion Control
Design of Communication Primitives for Satellites Networks Management
Wenbo Zhang and Peigen Sun
The Geographic Structure Query Language Based on the Peer to Peer and Cooperating Computing Hybrid Discovering Model
Z. L. Chen, L. Wu and Z. Xie
Model of Efficient Delivery of Dynamic Web Pages Based on Shared Fragments
Lingli Zhang and Lin Yao
Simulating Cache Mechanisms
Jun Ji, Hong Xiao, Su Li Zhang, Jie Hong Zhao and Xiao Zhong Geng
An Adaptive RED Algorithm Based on q Weight
Liping Tang and Weihua Hu
Model Checking of Needham-Schroeder Protocol Using UPPAAL
Mei Rong, Zhonghui Li and Guangquan Zhang
Improving TCP Performance Using Cross-Layer Feedback in Wireless LANs
Qian Wang and Dongfeng Yuan
A New Vehicle Network Routing Technology Based on Power Control
Yuzhuo Shi, Hao Kun and Beibei Wang
Investigation of Map Strength in 160Gb/s Dispersion Managed Quasi-Linear Transmission System
Ju Cai and Zhan Gao
Hot-Chord: A Query Algorithm for Accelerating the Locating of Hot Resources
Yuting Miao, Chunming Wu and Ming Jiang
Improving Delivery Ratio with a Handoff-Based Deterministic Routing Protocol (HDRP) in DTN
Anika Aziz, Shigeki Yamada and Shigeo Urushidani
A Review of Future Internet Research Programs and Possible Trends
Jinzhou Chen, Chunming Wu, Ming Jiang and Dong Zhang
Research and Design on TCP Cross-Layer Enhancement Scheme in Next Generation Network
Zheqing Li, Zhihui Fan and Hui Wang
Region Tracker: An Effective Way to Localize Bittorrent Traffic
Gong Chen, Chunming Wu and Ming Jiang
Horizontal Integration in Telecommunications Industry
Yonggang Wang, Wenjing Luo and Shijun Wu
New Identity-Based Threshold Broadcast Encryption for Ad Hoc Networks
Leyou Zhang, Yupu Hu and Xu'an Tian
Buffer Allocation Management for Improving TCP Fairness in IEEE 802.11 WLANs
Jiawei Huang, Jianxin Wang and Jin Ye
Hardware Prototyping of Network Coding in HDL
Minglong Zhang, Hui Li, Yining Li and Shuo-Yen Robert Li
A Dynamic Priority Time-Threshold-Based Queuing Scheme for Cellular Multimedia Networks
Jialin Cai
The Analysis and Design of Security Protocol on Electrical Business Platform
Sumei Jia, Feng Wang, Wei Wang and Ying Guo
A Method for Making FMIPv6 Security and Fast Handover Based on Context Transfer Protocol
Lin Zhu, Huifang Hou, Wanfu Xu and Huijuan Yan
A Wiggling Adjustment Model for Radio Access Network Cell Coverage
Changyi Yang, Zhipeng Gao, Zhou Lv, Xingyu Chen and Xuesong Qiu
TCP-to-SCTP Translation Using Dynamic Rules-Table
Jiemin Liu and Yuchun Ma
A Security Registration Based on IPSec for Mobile IPv6 Fast Handoff
Lei Zhao, Xiaoping Li, Qingkuan Dong and Lei Shi
Challenges for Cognitive Network
Jin Qi, Shunyi Zhang, Yanfei Sun, Yanfeng Sun and Ling Tan
A Layered MPLS Network Architecture
Jialei Wu and Yuanping Zhang
Analysis of Stability in FAST Flow Control
Wei Liang, Shunyi Zhang, Sulei Xu, Xiangyan Ning and Jinyi Chang
Research of Modern Drilling Instrument System Based on the Wireless Networks
BaoRong Zhong and Hong Du
Design and Implementation of the Earthquake Precursor Network Running Monitoring Software Based on C/S Structure
Jianguo Wang, Meiyan Su, Guomin Zhao, Chungui Liu, Mingdong Zhang, Dahong Wang and Xun Gao
A Tunnel Compress Scheme for PMIPv6-Based Nested NEMO
Min-Soo Woo, Hyo-Beom Lee, Youn-Hee Han and Sung-Gi Min
P2P Streaming Media Transmission Algorithm Based on Network Coding
Ying-hui Zhang and Ai-ping Tan
A Hierarchical Backbone Network Based on VLB Architecture
Rui Li, Jianya Chen, Yunjie Liu and Tao Huang
MAC Protocol for Distributed Relay-Assisted Cognitive Radio Networks
Xiaokun Fan and Jing Liu
L-HIP: A Localized Mobility Management Extension for Host Identity Protocol
Bo Hu, Tao Yuan, Zhangfeng Hu and Shanzhi Chen
The Study of Mutual Authentication and Key Exchange Protocols for Low Power Wireless Communications
Lili Yan, Daiyuan Peng and Yuexiang Gao
Detection of Invalid BGP Routes
Hongjun Wang and Wanping Hao
Research on Risk Assessment and Optimization Control of Information Systems Development: Based on Improved Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation and Dynamic Programming Algorithm
Guangfu Wei, Xin Zhang and Xinlan Zhang
A Path Selection Scheme Considering Traffic Load for IEEE 802.16j Mobile Multi-Hop Relay Networks
Dong Jun Son and Ju Wook Jang
Link Congestion Control Mechanism Based on Multi-Topology
Yuanni Liu, Xin Li, Shanzhi Chen and Zhen Qin
A Predictive Binding Mechanism on Multi-Interface MN in PMIPv6
Lingjiao Wang, Zhengkun Mi, Rongqun Peng, Hua Guo and Zhengyu Lei
The Converged Protocol for Management of Heterogeneous Devices
Xing Gao, Lan-lan Rui, Shao-yong Guo and Xue-song Qiu
A User's State and SINR -Based Handoff Algorithm in Hierarchical Cell Networks
Peng Xu, Xuming Fang, Jun Yang and Yaping Cui
Research on Secure Scalar Product Protocol and Its' Application
Fen Xu, Shuai Zeng, Shoushan Luo, Cong Wang, Yang Xin and Yucui Guo
Asymptotic Analysis of Decode-and-Forward in Generalized Fading Channels
Weiwei Yang and Yueming Cai
A Hierarchical Virtual Resource Management Architecture for Network Virtualization
Bo Lv, Zhenkai Wang, Tao Huang, Jianya Chen and Yunjie Liu
A Prediction Based SCTP Handover Scheme for IP/LEO Satellite Network
Zhu Zhang, Qing Guo and Zihe Gao
P-persistent CSMA Protocol Simulation Based on ON/OFF Source Model in Cognitive Radio Network
Xiangjun He and Tigang Jiang
Research of TCP NAT Traversal Solution Based on Port Correlation Analysis & Prediction Algorithm
Lizhuo Zhang, Weijia Jia, Xun Xiao, Bin Dai and Huan Li
A Edge to Edge Capacity Contracting Congestion Pricing Implementation in IP Networks
Kai Mao
A Novel QoS and Profit Oriented Dynamic Pricing and Admission Control Mechanism
Wenan Zhou, Xiaoli Ai, Bing Xie and Junde Song
An E-Cash Payment Protocol Realizing Accountability and Fairness
Huaiqiang Li and Li Chen
QoS and Traffic Analysis
A New Web Service Ranking Method Based on QoS Independent Components and ANN
Li Wang and Yan-xiang He
Web Service Composition Based on QoS with Chaos Particle Swarm Optimization
Li Wang and Yan-xiang He
Implementing Overlay Multicast with SCTP
Jiemin Liu and Yuchun Ma
Research of High-Reliability Transmission Based on Wireless Foundation Fieldbus
Jun Wang, Yujun Pang and Weiru Chen
Cross-Layer QoS for Wireless Video Based on Priority-ARQ
Jinhe Zhou, Tonghai Wu and Zhiling Li
A New Routing Algorithm Based on Hotlinks
Huaqin Jiang, Hailing Tang and Jiayou Song
Simulation Research of QoS Scheduling Algorithm in IEEE 802.16
Gang Zhang, Enhao Zhou, Jing Chen and Xing He
A Novel Synchronization Technique Based on Kalman Filter for TD-SCDMA
Zhe Guo and Furong Wang
Differentiated Statistical QoS Guarantees for Real-Time CBR Services in Broadband Wireless Access Networks
Hong Zhou and Zhongwei Zhang
A New Network Coding Structure and Its Application on CERNET Backbone
Hao Kun and Beibei Wang
End-to-End Delay Prediction by Neural Network Based on Chaos Theory
Hanlin Sun, Yuehui Jin, Yidong Cui and Shiduan Cheng
Multifractal Detrended Fluctuation Analysis of Network Traffic
Hanlin Sun, Yuehui Jin, Yidong Cui and Shiduan Cheng
Zipf-Law: A Measurement Study of Geographical Distribution of Peers in BitTorrent Swarms
Lidong Yu and Ming Chen
VoIP Traffic Identification Based on Host and Flow Behavior Analysis
Bing Li, Zhigang Jin and Maode Ma
Ring Fabric of Switch Based on Register Insert Ring
Shengyuan Zhou, Ning Ouyang, Yikuang Wang and Xing Wei
Comparative Study of WLAN Simulation with NS2
Changsheng Huang and Aihan Yin
A New Preemption Policy for Minimizing Path Preemption Cost in MPLS Networks
Mingying Zhu, Yu Xing, Junjun Hu, Wu Ye and Suili Feng
Minimizing the Connection Cost in a Real GSM Network
Ali Rezaei Abadchi, Abbas Seifi and Hamed Saghaei
A Truncated alpha-Stable Long-Range Dependent Process Model for Modeling Network Traffic
Xiaotong Tang and Bingli Jiao
Internet Traffic Characterization Based on Active Network Measurement
Jun Liu and Bochuan Chen
A Novel Method to Estimate IP Traffic Matrix
Xiaoyang Wang and Dafang Zhang
Improved Genetic Algorithm Applied to Optimization of Linear Network Coding
Hao Kun, Zhigang Jin and Beibei Wang
Dynamic Service Model Based on Context Resources in the Internet of Things
Jianhua Liu and Weiqin Tong
Towards Autonomous System Topology Aware Relay Service Scheme
Miao Xiong, Chunhong Zhang, Xiaofeng Qiu, Tao Ma and Hui Wang
Web Usage Mining Based on WAN Users' Behaviors
Hao Yan, Bo Zhang, Yibo Zhang, Fang Liu and Zhenming Lei
Bandwidth Allocation in Virtual Network Based on Traffic Prediction
Yongtao Wei, Jinkuan Wang, Cuirong Wang and Xi Hu
Performance Analysis of a Buffering Mechanism for SingleStream Forwarding Handoff Scheme in HAWAII
M. Amirthavalli and Lawrence Jenkins
Random Network Coding for Unicast in Wireless Cellular Network
Wei Cui and Yu Shang
A New Method and FPGA Implementation of P2P Traffic Identification for EPON
Yingying Cao, Bing Tu, Liqian Wang, Xue Chen and Ke He
Design and Capacity Analysis of PoC Service Based on TD-SCDMA Network
Bin-de Luo, Zhi-yong Shi, Da-wei Ma and Shi-ping Yin
The Selection of the Monitored-Set for QoS Collection Based on Device-Agent
Xiaojuan Fang, Lanlan Rui, Shaoyong Guo and Peng Yu
Designing Dynamic Power Saving Strategies via Rent-to-Buy in IEEE 802.16 Mobile WMANs
Jia Liu, Fengyuan Ren and Chuang Lin
A Scheme with Queuing Priority for Real-Time Streaming Media in 4G Scenarios
Yunbo Wu, Gan Feng, Yongdong Wang and Xiaopin Xue
Priority-Based Polling Scheme under Mixed Services Policy of Exhaustive and Three-Times Gated Services
Li-yong Bao, Dong-feng Zhao and Yi-fan Zhao
Network Security
Color Image Information Hiding Based on Perceptual Color Clustering
Li Jiang and Zheng-quan Xu
Trust Evaluation Model Based on Optimal Search Theory
Yan Chang, Guihua Han and Lili Yan
Survey on Security Scheme and Attacking Methods of WPA/WPA2
Yonglei Liu, Zhigang Jin and Ying Wang
Research on Efficiency of Computing kP in Elliptic Curve System
Guicheng Shen and Bingwu Liu
A No-Jamming Selective Interception System of the GSM Terminals
Kan Zhou, Aiqun Hu and Yubo Song
Another Efficient Blind Signature Scheme Based on Bilinear Map
Jianhong Zhang and Xiuna Su
Performance Analysis of a LDPC Coded CDMA System with Physical Layer Security Enhancement
Tahereh Shojaeezand, Paeiz Azmi and AmirMansour Yadegari
On the Security of an Efficient Mobile Authentication Scheme for Wireless Networks
Jian-zhu Lu and Jipeng Zhou
Improved Approach on Modeling and Reasoning about PKI/WPKI
Mingde Zhang, Xuefeng Zheng, Shuwang Lv and Yike Yu
Research on Construction of Trusted Campus Network
Ping Guo and Hong Zhang
A Multiple Chaotic Encryption Scheme for Image
Mingming Zhao and Xiaojun Tong
Cheat-Proof Traffic-Aware Dynamic Spectrum Access
Yicong Liu, Jiwu Jing and Jun Yang
Deviation-Resistant Traffic-Aware Dynamic Spectrum Access
Yicong Liu, Jiwu Jing and Jun Yang
Image Cheat Encryption Algorithm Based on Hyperchaotic System
Yong Zhang
A Periodic Integrity Measurements Authenticating Scheme Based on TNC Architecture
Yuqiong Sun, Xuelai Wu, Cheng Song, Yang Xin and Yixian Yang
Reversible Zero-Bit Watermark Based on Chaotic Encryption
Xiangli Liu and Xuefang Liu
Behavior-Based Malware Detection on Mobile Phone
Shuaifu Dai, Yaxin Liu, Tielei Wang, Tao Wei and Wei Zou
Model Checking Security Vulnerabilities in Software Design
Jinhua Li and Jing Li
A Ticket-Based Re-Authentication Scheme for Fast Handover in Wireless Local Area Networks
Guangsong Li, Xi Chen and Jianfeng Ma
Synchronization of Hyperchaotic System Based on Fuzzy Model and Its Application in Secure Communication
Yi Sun, Lin Zhao and Liang-rui Tang
An Effective Method for Defense against IP Spoofing Attack
Yunji Ma
Test Case Reduction Based on Program Invariant and Genetic Algorithm
Nenggang Pan, FanPing Zeng and Yu-Han Huang
Real-Time Intrusion Alert Correlation System Based on Prerequisites and Consequence
Zhaowen Lin, Shan Li and Yan Ma
A Bayesian Approach for Text Filter on 3G Network
Jie Huang, Bei Huang and Wenjing Pu
A Trusted Authorization Scheme for E-Commerce Systems
Ronglei Hu, Xiaoyi Duan and Zhaobin Li
LDPC Codes from Projective Algebraic Sets over Finite Fields
Wanbao Hu, Yanxia Wu, Zhen Wang and Huaping Cai
Research on Intelligence Model in Pervasive Environment
Zongpu Jia, Gang Li and Jinxia Yu
Research on E-Commerce Secure Technology
Yuewen Li
SIP-Based IM and Its Security Solutions
Xin Cui, Yuan Zhang, Woo Jin Lee and Seok Joo Koh
Research on High-Speed Network-Based Intrusion Prevention System
Chunying Gu and Dawei Gu
The Communication Signal Identification Method Based on Gray Correlation and Evidence Theory
Yun Lin and Ruolin Zhou
The Improvement and Application of Fuzzy Neural Network in Communication Signal Identification
Lin Yun and Ruolin Zhou
A Trojan Horse Detection Technology Based on Behavior Analysis
Jie Qin, Huijuan Yan, Qun Si and Fuliang Yan
A Robust Audio Watermarking Algorithm Based on Statistical Characteristics and DWT+DCT Transforms
Rajkiran Ravula and Suresh Rai
Web Server Optimization Model Based on Performance Analysis
Zhaoyang Qu, Wei Wang and Zhiqian Li
Trusted Architecture for Mobile P2P Systems
Xu Wu
Analysis and Modeling of the Botnet Propagation Characteristics
Xin-liang Wang, Lu-Ying Chen, Fang Liu and Zhen-ming Lei
Research on Timestamp Synchronization for Network Confrontation
Leyi Shi and Jie Li
A Mechanism of Authentication for P2P-SIP Overlays
Xiaolin Liu and Jie Xu
Epidemic Model of Mobile Phone Virus for Hybrid Spread Mode with Preventive Immunity and Mutation
YuanYuan Fan, KangFeng Zheng and YiXian Yang
Secure Multi-Party Comparing Protocol Based on Multi-Threshold Secret Sharing Scheme
Wen Liu, Shou-shan Luo and Yong-bin Wang
Analysis of Intrusion Management System Technology
Yaohui Wang and Xiaobo Huang
Worm Spread in Bluetooth Networks
Jin-e Liu, Shuai Fu, Li-xue Zhai, Li-jing Bai, Yajie Wu and Chang-guang Wang
A New Threshold Signature Scheme Based on Bilinear Pairings
Xin Lv, Zhijian Wang and Feng Xu
Architecting Survivable Networks Using SABSA
Malcolm Shore and Xianglin Deng
Ant Colony Algorithms with Characteristic of Clustering for Surface Mount Technology Optimization
Jianguo Jiang, Zhiping Du, Chunyan Liu and Zhang Kun
Other Related Topics
Parallel Backprojection-Filtration Algorithm for 3D Helical Cone-Beam CT
Baodong Liu, Li Zeng and Xiaobing Zou
An Ocean Wave Simulation Research Based on Controllable FBM Model
Jing Lu and Dong Wang
Accurate Line Detection by Adjusting Hough Transform Threshold Adaptively
Yan Ma, Junning Wang, Di He and Jinbo Pang
Research of a Dynamic Frequency Spectrum Assignment Algorithm Based on Battle Management and Control
Ning Zhou, Peng Wang, HaiKun Li and Jia Hao
Fast Fourier Descriptor Method of the Shape Feature in Low Resolution Images
Jie Ma, ZhiWei Zhang, HongMei Tang and QuanMing Zhao
3D Reconstruction of Coronary Arteries from Dynamic CAG Image Sequences
Sun Zheng
FPGA Implementation of a Reed-Solomon CODEC for OTN G.709 Standard with Reduced Decoder Area
Tiago C. Barbosa, Robson L. Moreno, Tales C. Pereira and Luis H. C. Ferreira
International Journal Impact Factor Modeling Based on Gene Expression Programming
Yongxiang Zhao, Huaibei Zhou and Meifang Li
Optimal Placement of Distributed Generation on a Radial Feeder
Yun-Feng Du and Qi Huang
Seeding Texture Synthesis Algorithm
Lijun Sun and Xueqing Li
A Novel Method for Recognising Radar Emitter
Jiaming Zhang and Yi He
CMS of Enterprise Based on CBR Technology
Zhi-ning Wang and Xin-feng Ye
A Fabric Defects Detection Method Using SAR Imaging
Long Zhang, Xiao hui He, Dong sen Si and Hai bin Zhang
Shadow Detecting Using Mathematical Morphology and Smirnov Test
Chao Xing, Yanjun Li and Ke Zhang
A Simple TD-SCDMA DOA Detection Method by the Mid-Amble
Haiyang Fu, Qinglong Dong and Jin Gao
The Risk Assessment of Crime Prevention System Based on Risk Entropy Model
Yuanming Huang, Yujie Zheng and Xiaomei Yang
Study on the Principle of CDMA Mode in TD-SCDMA
Haiyang Fu, Jin Gao, Laiqiang Zhao and Junfeng Fan
Towards Fair Spectrum Management: Promoting Competition in Wireless Broadband Market
Abdul Wahid Tareen, Kaili Kan and Naveed Ahmed Khan
Quasi-Linear Programming Model of Stochastic Transportation Problems
Fachao Li and Li Wang
Traffic Flow Simulation Model Based on Built-in Beam Imaginary Slope and Cellular Automaton
Yuqiang Sun, Guoxin Xue, Guodong Shi and Yuwan Gu
The Mode Characteristics of an Asymmetrical Left-Handed Material Slab Waveguide Containing Dispersion
Dong Xia, Mei-Ping Jiang and Xian-Feng Chen
Research into Meteorological Disaster Risk Regionalization in Tibet
Lha Jia and Tiangui Xiao
A Comparison of Four Popular Heuristics for Task Scheduling Problem in Computational Grid
Meihong Wang and Wenhua Zeng
A Filtering Algorithm for Removing Salt and Pepper Noise and Preserving Details of Images
Jiang Yu, Hongwei Guo, Chao Li, Hongwei Guo and Chao Li
Design of Programmable Filter Based on FPGA
Jin-ting Wang and Min Yang
The Algorithm Research Based on Parallel Web Log Mining
Yunyao Sheng, Yuqiang Sun and Li Zhang
Wiki-Based Digital Libraries Information Services in China and Abroad
Quan Lu, Dezhao Chen and Huili Hu
Outage Probability Analysis on Multiple-Access Relaying Channel with Analog Network Coding
Yuhua Ouyang and Xiangdong Jia
The Meta-Requirements Model Study for Trusted Software
Zhongjun Tang and Shuqin Liu
Diversity-and-Multiplexing Tradeoff of Superposition Coding Relaying Strategy without Channel State Feedback
Laiqiang Zhao, Haiyang Fu and Xiangdong Jia
Design and Implementation of Automated Testing Framework for Linux Software GUI Testing
Xiaohui Liu, Yuqing Lan and Like Ma
Gyro Error Coefficient Correction Based on GRNN Neural Network
Bing He, Gang Liu and YuanYuan Wang
Application for Economy PID Arithmetic Based on Wavelet Neural Network
Dongzhuo Liu
Electricity Demand Forecasting Based on Threepoint Gaussian Quadrature and Its Application in Smart Grid
Xiao-jia Wang, Hai-jiang Wang and Li-qiang Hou
Research on the Performance Testing of the New Spatial Information Network Access G/S Mode
Li Tan, Fang Miao, Xi-rong Guo and Hong-yu Shi
Validity Analysis of the Near-Field Equivalent Method in Simulation
Ke Liu, Ai-xin Chen, Liu Yang and Yan-jun Zhang
Existence and Uniqueness Results for Fractional Differential Equations with Delay and Impulsive Effects
Jun Wu and Yicheng Liu
A Temperature Independent UWB Transmitter
Lei Li, Luhong Mao, Ruiliang Song, Liying Chen and Shilin Zhang
A Wide Range High Power Supply Rejection Ratio and Transient Enhanced Low Drop-Out Regulator
Xu Gong, Jinguang Jiang, Jiake Wang, Qingyun Li and Shanshan Li
The System of Computer Virtual Fixing Research and Design Based on the VR
Yadong Chen, Hualin Dai and Jianping Hu
Analysis of Sensor Field in Electromagnetic Tomography
Jing Sun, Fuqun Shao and Yafei Sun
Multi-Scale 3D Geological Digital Representation and Modeling Method Based on Octree Algorithm
Hualin Dai, Zhan Liu and Jianping Hu
Renewable Energy Basing on Smart Grid
Zhongcheng Li and Tong Yao
The Control Method and Experimental Study of HVDC Light Inverter Part
Yi-feng Ju and Cheng-wen Zhu
The Distributed Platform for Geographic Information Service Based on ArcGIS Server and OGC
Shiran Zhong
Cognitive Sensors Networks
Design of Wireless Monitoring and Warning System for Protected Agriculture Environment
Zuojing Zhang and Haihui Zhang
Edge-Based Traceback in Sensor Networks
Jun Xu, Xuehai Zhou and Feng Yang
Two-Round Cooperation Based Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks
Hongxing Xia, Guoping Zhang, Minghong Chen and Xiaoguang Mei
Edge Caching Algorithm Design Based on Random Access for VOD System
Jie Liu, Honggang Qi, Chen Ying and Xiao Hong Yin
Statistical Properties Evaluation on Rayleigh VANET Fading Channels
Yuhao Wang, Xing Xing and Jiali Fan
Shortwave MemoryPower Amplifier Linearization Based on Multi-Directional Search Algorithm Predistorter
Liang Wan, Gingmin Zhao, Guojin Wan and Liming Chen
A New IFFT Method for Mobile-to-Mobile Rice Channels in VANET
Y. H. Wang, Yanping Wei and Jie Liu
A Wireless Cellular Network Optimization Platform Based on Inversion Propagation Model and GIS
Yi Cao, Yuhao Wang and Jiali Li
A New Indoor Localization Method Based on Inversion Propagation Model
Lei Xie, Yuhao Wang and Xia Xue
Performance Evaluation of Routing Protocol in VANET with Vehicle-Node Density
Jing Zuo, Yuhao Wang, Yuan Liu and Yan Zhang
Automatic Layer-Interface Detection of Pavement Based on Matched Filter
Huilin Zhou, Shaoyi Li and Jian Zhu
Spectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio Using Game Theory-A Survey
Tao Zhang and Xiangyu Yu
Potential Function Agglomeration Clustering Algorithm for Sparse Component Analysis
Ye Zhang, Fei Li and Jianhua Wu
A Nonlinear Memory Power Amplifier Behavior Modeling and Identification Based on Memory Polynomial Model in Soft-Defined Shortwave Transmitter
Hanxin Zhou, Guojin Wan and Limin Chen
Illumination Invariant Enhancement and Threshold Segmentation Algorithm for Asphalt Pavement Crack Image
Huilin Zhou, Shu Yang and Jian Zhu
Ultra-Thin Asphalt Pavement Layer Interface Detection and Time Delay Estimation Based on MUSIC
Huilin Zhou, Qiang Zhang and Jian Zhu
Study on Interactive System for Teaching Programming(ISTP) Based on Intelligent Agent
Pan Guo and Honggang Qi
An Improved Fault-Tolerant Model for Channel Assignment in Cellular Networks
Visale Kim, Wei Liu, Wenqing Cheng and Jing Xu
The Design of Skin Tester Based on ADuC841
Jia Luo, YingQing Xia and ShouYin Liu
Outage Behavior of DF Relaying in Dissimilar Rayleigh Fading Channels
An Li, Li Zhang and Yu-hao Wang
Smart Sensing Strategy for Wireless Channel Based on Sequence Characterizes Matching Method
Yuhao Wang, Hong Yin, Wenhui Liu and Yuan Liu
Fast Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Based on Sequential Probability Ratio Test
Feng Gao, Wei Yuan, Wei Liu, Wenqing Cheng and Shu Wang
Estimation of Packet Loss Rate at Wireless Link of VANET〞〞RPLE
Hao Jiang, Siyue Chen, Yang Yang, Zhizhong Jie, Henry Leung, Jun Xu and Lin Wang
The Cyclic Temporal Network Density and Impact on Information Diffusion for Delay Tolerant Network
Lintao Yang, Hao Jiang and Jianfeng Yang
A Topology Control Method in Mobile Robot Team Based on Formation Maintenance
Yanyan Han, Deshi Li, Jian Chen, Jugen Nie and Wenyan Fu
Topology Optimization Based on Balanced Network Energy and Load in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Network
Wenyan fu, Deshi Li, Jian Chen, Yanyan Han and Xiangguo Yang
The Method of Multiple Surface Gateways Positioning in UWSNs
Jugen Nie, Deshi Li, Yanyan Han, Wenyan Fu and Guangmin Zhang

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