Relevant Journals

ISSN (Online):1976-5541
ISSN (Print): 1229-2370
Topics: Design of architectural building blocks for managing the Future Internet; Comparison of clean-slate, revolutionary, and evolutionary approaches to managing the Future Internet; Separation of data, control, and management planes; Abstractions (e.g., the knowledge and inference planes) for management and control; Mechanisms for managing interconnected computational infrastructures (e.g.)
Int'l Journal of Satellite Communications and Networking(INT J SATELL COMM N) SCI SCIE
ISSN (Online): 1542-0981
Topics: Satellite communication and broadcast systems; Satellite navigation and positioning systems; Satellite networks and networking; Hybrid systems; Equipment-earth stations/terminals, payloads, launchers and components; Description of new systems, operations and trials; Planning and operations; Performance analysis; Interoperability; Propagation and interference; Enabling technologies-coding/modulation/signal processing, etc.
Institute of Telecommunications Professionals (ITP) SCI-E
ISSN: 1755-9278
The Journal contains articles by leading experts and academic researchers on a wide range of subjects relating to the latest developments in technology. The Journal is considered an essential reference resource for universities, libraries and many commercial organisations.

Telecommunications Policy SCI
ISSN: 0308-5961
Telecommunications Policy is concerned with the changing roles of telecommunications in the economy and society. It provides a forum for research and debate amongst academics, policymakers, regulators, industry managers, consultants and other professionals. Its orientation is multidisciplinary and international, encompassing issues of both theory and practice. Its scope includes issues of telecom reform at national, regional and international levels, including issues confronting both developed and developing countries. It pays particular attention to the implications of convergence for knowledge infrastructure development, management and regulation.

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