Organizing Committee
Advisory Board  
Dr. Tomohiko Taniguchi
Fujitsu Laboratories Limited,  Japan
General Chair  
Prof. Ping Zhang
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,  China
General Co-Chair  
Prof. Min Song
NSF and the University of Toledo,  USA
TPC Chair  
Prof. Hui Zhang
Beijing Innofidei Ltd,  China
TPC Co-Chair  
Prof. Xiaoqing Huang
The Research Institution of China Mobile,  China
Prof. Qi Bi
China Telecom Technology Innovation Center,  China
Prof. Anhui Liang
FiberHome Technologies Group,  China
Prof. Zhengyuan Xu
Tsinghua University,  China
Prof. Yi Huang
The University of Liverpool,  UK
Prof. Xuelong Li
Chinese Academy of Sciences,  China
Prof. Hua Harry Li
San Jose State University,  USA
Dr. Selwyn Piramuthu
University of Florida,  USA
Dr. Egon L. van den Broek
The University of Twente,  Netherlands
Dr. Guanghui Wang
University of Waterloo,  Canada
Dr. Haythem A.Bany Salameh
Yarmouk University,  Jordan
Dr. Rongxing Li
The Ohio State University,  USA
Dr. Jinzhu Gao
University of the Pacific,  USA
Dr. Zongming Fei
University of Kentucky,  USA
Dr. Clemens Grelck
University of Amsterdam,  Netherlands
Prof. Roberto Montemanni
University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland,  Switzerland
Dr. Francesco Benedetto
The Third University of Rome,  Italy
Dr. Marceau Coupechoux
Telecom Paris Tech,  France
Dr. Yanxiao Zhao
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology,  USA
Prof. Emmanuel Shubhakar Pilli
Graphic Era University,  India
Dr. Pasquale Pace
University of Calabria,  Italy
Dr. Yi-Ting Mai
Hsiuping University of Science and Technology,  Chinese Taipei
Prof. Jun Xia
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,  China
Prof. Chungui Liu
University of Shanxi Datong,  China
Dr. Matthieu Chatras
University de Limoges,  France
Prof. Tomohiko Taniguchi
Fujitsu Laboratories Limited,  Japan
Prof. Gabriel Wainer
Carleton University,  Canada
Dr. Pavel Loskot
Swansea University,  UK
Prof. Nei Kato
Tohoku University,  Japan

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