• Dr. Chih-Lin I
  • Dr. Chih-Lin I
  • China Mobile Research Institute GCRC, China
  • Title: Version 2020 form CMCC
  • Abstract:

    The 5G wireless communication network, which may come into life in around 2020, is expected to accommodate the extremely diverse performance requirements of the rich applications in Mobile Internet and Internet of Thing. For lack of enough flexibility to satisfy the diverse needs due to its dedicated hardware based deployment schemes and single globally optimized air-interface protocol, the traditional mobile network is well motivated to become soft in 5G era. A “Soft 5G” concept is proposed by China Mobile, with reconfigurable and software defined network and air interface. This brings agility into implementation of each network element from core network to access network, as well as the building blocks of the air interface. This talk will share the latest development within China Mobile on the key elements of “Soft 5G” concept, i.e., SDN/NFV, C-RAN, and SDAI.

  • Biography:

    Dr. Chih-Lin I is the Chief Scientist of Wireless Technologies of China Mobile, in charge of advanced wireless communication R&D effort of China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI). She established the Green Communications Research Center of China Mobile, spearheading major initiatives including 5G Key Technologies R&D; high energy efficiency system architecture, technologies, and devices; green energy; C-RAN and soft base station.

    Dr. I received her Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, and has more than 30 years experience in wireless communication technical domain. She has worked in various world-class companies and research institutes, including wireless communication fundamental research department of AT&T Bell Labs; Headquarter of AT&T, as the Director of Wireless Communications Infrastructure and Access Technology; ITRI of Taiwan, as the Director of Wireless Communication Technology; Hong Kong ASTRI, as the VP and the Founding GD of Communications Technology Domain.

    Dr. I received the Trans. COM Stephen Rice Best Paper Award, and is a winner of CCCP “National 1000 talent” program. She was an elected Board Member of IEEE ComSoc, Chair of ComSoc Meeting and Conference Board, and the Founding Chair of IEEE WCNC Steering Committee. She is currently the Chair of FuTURE Forum 5G SIG, an Executive Board Member of GreenTouch, a Network Operator Council Member of ETSI NFV, and an Adjunct Professor of BUPT.

    Dr. I has shown frequent presence in many important and high-level public occasions for speech delivery. She is often invited as the keynote speaker for diverse audience from academia, industry and governments. She is very active in many venues such as conferences, summits, workshops, panels and so on. This year she has delivered nearly 30 speeches in lots of events such as IEEE WCNC, IEEE ICC, IEEE VTC, IEEE PIMRC, Global Professional Services Forum and so on, which included a 3-hour-long tutorial on C-RAN in Cloud RAN Conference in Paris.

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September 21-23, 2015
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